5 *adorable* ways to decorate pumpkins this fall

It's official—spooky season has commenced. While Halloween is typically filled with haunted houses, trick-or-treating and candy distribution, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to reimagine safe ways to celebrate the holiday.

Although this Halloween will look different than most, decorating pumpkins is one tradition that will withstand the test of time.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this year, we've compiled a list of *spooktacular* ways to decorate your pumpkins this fall. 

Idea: Orange, purple and black aren't the only colors you should decorate with this Halloween. Spruce up your front porch with this brightly colored pumpkin!

Shopping list: white paint, Crayons, hair dryer 

Instructions: First, paint your pumpkin white. Next, choose your *fave* Crayon colors, hold them over the pumpkin and use the blow dryer to melt the crayons. Let the wax to drip down the pumpkin and allow it to harden. Voila! You have a rainbow patterned pumpkin.

Idea: Everything, even pumpkins, is better with sparkles. 

Shopping list: sparkles, paint brush, glue and sealant (optional)

Instructions: First, coat your pumpkin with a thin layer of glue. Begin pouring glitter on the pumpkin and spread it evenly with a paint brush. You may have to apply more than one coat to create the opaque look featured above. Once your pumpkin is covered in glitter, allow the glitter/glue combination to dry. To prevent the glitter from wearing off the pumpkin, you can opt to seal your pumpkin using a clear sealant or varnish.

Idea: Enjoy the look of natural pumpkins? Tired of carving the same faces each year? Put your artistry to the test by carving a unique picture into your pumpkin.

Shopping List: carving knife

Instructions: First, prepare your pumpkin for carving. Cut off the top of the pumpkin and scoop out the interior seeds and pulp. Determine your intended design and sketch it on the pumkin using a thin pen or marker. Once you've finalized your design, begin cutting the shapes into the side of the pumpkin. You may have to use various sizes of carving tools to create the desired look. After you finish, put a candle inside the pumpkin and watch it illuminate your design in the dark.

Idea: Feeling inspired? Turn your pumpkin into something *magical* this year with this adorable unicorn design.

Shopping list: paint, sparkles, glue and clay

Instructions: First, prime your pumkin with a fresh coat of white paint. Next use pink and black paint to paint the unicorn's eyes, nose, mouth and other details. Braid some molding clay and attach it to the stem of the pumpkin, holding it to the base for thirty seconds to ensure it properly bonds. Then mold ears, flowers and other decorations. Repeat the same process and add sparkles as desired. 

Idea: If you're like me, you'll spend hours searching for the *perfect* way to decorate your pumpkin this fall—only to wind up settling on the same design you've made your entire life. A staple of American culture, this pumpkin design is reminiscent of nights spent trick-or-treating and switching candy with your BFFs.

Shopping list: carving knife

Instructions: First, prepare your pumpkin for carving. Cut off the top of the pumpkin and scoop out the interior seeds and pulp. Draw your intended design and begin carving the pumpkin. Don't worry about making the lines perfectly even—its the imperfections that make these pumpkins special. At night, put a candle inside the pumpkin and watch its face light up your porch.

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by Claire Hutto | 10/10/2020