How to make your coffee cup even *cuter* than Starbucks

Stand out from the crowd...of holiday cups, that is. Follow this DIY craft to make your own cozy coffee cup sleeve. 

What you'll need:

- Orange,black and white felt (or whichever colors you want)
- Embroidery floss 
- A sewing needle 
- Pins 
- Scissors 
- Pattern template


1. Using scissors and a printed out template, cut out the pieces of felt.

2. Carefully use the embroidery floss to stitch the muzzle to the first body piece of felt.

3. Continue to use the embroidery floss to attach the eyes, nose and to shape the mouth.

4. Next, lay one body piece of felt on top of the second one, so that the bear is facing outward. Use the sewing pins to keep the pieces together as you blanket stitch the two body pieces together following the edge of the felt.

5. Once the two body pieces have been sewn together, curve the two ends to meet each other and overlap them slightly. Secure with a pin.

6. Finally, stitch the two ends together to form a sleeve and secure with a knot.

7. If you prefer not to sew, you can also use fabric glue to put the felt together.

What drink would you put in *your* coffee cup? Share below! 

Photo and tutorial credit: Lia Griffith.

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by Hayley Anderson | 12/4/2017