Make your own tassel earrings in less than 10 minutes

We called it: Tassels are a *major* trend this season. From keychains to necklaces to scarves, the adorable accents are everywhere. To help you update your OOTD, we found this easy earring DIY that's perfect for crafting your own accessories or gifting them to your besties for Christmas.

You'll need:

- Mini tassels (or DIY your own using the Simplicity tassel maker!)
- Ear wires
- Needle
- Thread
- Scissors


1. Double thread your needle and open up the tassel that you want on the bottom of the earring.

2. Push the needle exactly up through the center, then pull the thread through. 

3. Repeat for all the tassels, stringing them together. Tie a knot at the top when you're done.

4. Open an ear wire and slip the knot at the top of the tassel through.

5. Repeat to make the other earring. 

Do you like the tassel trend? Tell us below! 

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by Amanda Tarlton | 12/10/2018