DIY this year's trendiest "toy"

Chances are, you've heard of a fidget spinner. This toy only hit the shelves a couple months ago, and quickly became one of the biggest trends of the year. Not only are fidget spinners fun to play with (see ya, boring car ride!), but they're also said to help with anxiety and ADHD. Win-win. Learn how to make your own below with these instructions and follow-along video.

What you'll need:

+ Cardboard
+ Toothpick
+ Two quarters or pennies (depending on how big you want your fidget spinner)
+ Glue stick
+ Craft glue
+ A pin
+ Scissors
+ Template (here are some you can print out) 


1. Use a marker to outline the shape of your on the cardboard. Then cut out the shape. 

Note: If your cardboard is very flexible, glue two pieces together to make a stiff piece.  Do this before continuing to the next step.

2. Decorate! Doodle any patterns you'd like and add some color.

3. Use a strong glue (not your glue stick) and place a small amount on the back of the pennies. Then, stick the pennies on the outside circles of your spinner. Let it dry.

4. While the glue is drying, cut out two cardboard circles that will be placed on the center of your fidget spinner.

5. Using the template, find the center of the fidget spinner and stick the needle through it, creating a hole. 

6. Once you have created a hole, place the toothpick through the center and loosen up the opening by twisting the toothpick in circles. Place holes in the center of the 2 cardboard circles as well, keeping them small.

7. Place your cardboard circles on the toothpick and stick through the center hole. Then, glue the circles completely to the toohpick and leave to dry. 

8. Once the glue is dry, cut off the end of your toothpick and you're finished! 

Are you going to try this DIY? Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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by Leah Volpe | 6/27/2017