DIY a sparkly sequin clutch for prom


You've found the dress, bought the shoes and have even figured out which earrings you're going to snag from your mom for the big night. You think you're all set to go, except you're missing one major prom-prep element: the purse. And every girl knows that your clutch is essential because where else are you going to store your breath mints, lip gloss and ticket? Finding an inexpenisve clutch that perfectly complements all the elements of your look can be try making your own instead.

You'll need:

- A mesh pouch
- Fabric of your choice (you can use a shirt or skirt with your desired pattern, color or texture)
- Liquid Stitch
- Scissors
- Foam brush
- Clothespins


1. Cut a length of fabric that wraps around both sides of the mesh pouch.

2. Glue the sides together with the Liquid Stitch and clamp around the edges.

3. Let it dry for at least one hour.

4. For the top of the pouch, clean up any stray threads and put a piece of cardboard in the pouch.

5. Next, glue the fabric to the mesh just under the zipper. Clamp again and let dry.

Are you DIY-ing your way to prom night? Tell us how you're making your prom look extra unique this year!

Tutorial credit: Hello Glow.

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by Karlyn Sykes | 5/11/2017