Get ready for Beauty and the Beast with this Chip mug DIY

Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson comes out March 17th, and we’re totally psyched! To get ready for the movie’s release, we learned how to make these adorable mugs featuring one of our fave characters from the animated movie, Chip. Brighten up your morning coffee, tea or even just water with this DIY sure to get you excited for a tale as old as time.

What you’ll need:

- Oil-based Sharpie pens in yellow, black, red, purple, pink and blue
- A white mug
- Rubbing alcohol
- An oven


1. Grab the yellow Sharpie and start coloring in the handle and the very edge of the base of the mug. Create a yellow line above the line you drew around the base. Leave enough space to add designs in.

2. Use a blue Sharpie to make small triangles in between the two yellow lines. Use a picture of Chip or this tutorial’s picture to figure out the placing. Do the same with the pink marker.

3. Fill in the remaining space with purple Sharpie, and outline the different colors at the base with black Sharpie.

4. Draw a yellow line around the rim of the mug and outline it in black. Be careful to leave a space in the ring where you will create a chip! Outline the ring around the bottom of the mug in black as well.

5. Next you’re going to draw the eyes. The handle will be Chip’s nose, so put an eye on either side. Start with curved lines for the bottom of the eye. Draw ovals above the curved lines and then fill in a smaller oval to serve as the pupils. Leave a little circle of white space in each pupil to serve as a bit of sparkle.

6. Now you’re going to create a chip in the rim! Return to the white space you left in the lines near the rim. Draw a shaky-looking triangle in the space.

7. On to the smile. Draw an upside down V in black and connect it with a curved line.

8. Add a red tongue and color in the rest of the mouth in black. Add a small curved line under the mouth.

9. Let your mug dry for three days.

10. Bake the mug at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, and then let it sit for three more days.

Check out the video below for a visual reference:

You can find the original DIY here.

Who is your favorite character in Beauty and the Beast? Share in the comments!

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by Emily Cavanagh | 3/1/2017