These DIY conversation heart pillows are *stuffed* with love


If you’d rather snuggle up in a ridiculously soft pair of pink PJ’s and watch Pitch Perfect 2 (who's excited for PP3?), instead of spending hours getting dolled up to just get a bite to eat, we feel you! This DIY will go perfectly with a cozy night in, a warm bath with heart shaped bath bombs, and a plate of sweet treats

You’ll need:

- Pastel colored fabric
- Red iron-on sheet (for letters)
- Cardstock paper
- Iron
- Scissors
- Pillow stuffing
- Fabric glue (if you don’t want to sew) or a sewing machine and pins


1. Draw and cut a template for your heart pillow out of cardstock.

2. Fold your pastel fabric in half and pin the heart template to the fabric to cut out the heart. After cutting the fabric, there should be two separate hearts (because it was folded in half).

3. Sew or glue the hearts together, leaving a small opening to turn the pillow right-side out. 

4. Cut little notches around the heart, making sure not to cut through the seam. Turn right-side out.

5. Iron the pillow to flatten the seams and to get rid of any wrinkles in the fabric. 

6. Cut out letters from the red iron-on sheet in whatever phrase or word you want your pillow to say. 

7. Follow instructions from the red iron-on sheet to correctly place and iron on your letters. It may be helpful to place wax paper on top.

8. Stuff the pillow completely with stuffing.

9. Hand sew or use fabric glue to close the small opening of your pillow.

What is your *favorite* Valentine’s Day candy? Let us know in the comments!

Tutorial credit: Brit + Co

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by Jacqueline Burnett | 2/4/2017