Cheer on Team USA with these patriotic bandana DIYs


Show your Team USA pride during the Olympic games with these red, white and blue projects. You'll be looking super stylish as you root on your fave American athletes in Rio!


Bandana Bracelets

What you'll need: 

Red, white and blue bandanas
Fish tank tubing
Lollipop sticks
Hot glue


1. Cut the bandana fabric into long strips that are each 1-inch wide. Snip off any loose string ends.

2. Measure the fish tank tubing to fit the size of your wrist and cut it to this size.

3. Break off a small piece of the lollipop stick.

4. Hot glue the inside of one end of the tube and slide the lollipop stick piece into the glue. Attach the other end of the fish tank tubing to the opposite side of the lollipop stick with more hot glue. This will complete the structure for your bracelet.

5. Apply hot glue to the tube and begin to adhere the fabric to the bracelet structure by wrapping it around. Continue to add glue and fabric until the entire tube is covered.

6. Once the tube is fully wrapped in fabric, trim off any leftover ends and slip on your bracelet for an all-American accessory.

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Bandana Ponytail Holders

What you'll need: 

Red, white and blue bandanas (one of each color)
Ponytail holders


1. Cut each of the bandanas in half.

2. Snip the bandana halves into 1-inch wide strips. 12 strips of bandana will make 1 ponytail holder.

3. Attach each strip to the ponytail holder with a lark’s head knot. To do this knot, fold one bandana strip in half and insert the two ends of the strip underneath the ponytail holder. Take the two ends and bring them up, over and through the loop on the other side of the ponytail holder. Pull tight to complete the knot.

4. Knot the rest of the bandana strips around the ponytail holder in the same lark’s head knot fashion. Add bandana strips until the ponytail holder is fully covered. Decide what order you want the colors on your ponytail holder to follow and secure them in this sequence.

5. Finally, wear your pretty pattern ponytail holder to match your patriotic personality.

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Bandana Wreath

What you'll need:

Red, white and blue bandanas (2 of each color)
Styrofoam wreath frame


1. Trim all 6 bandanas into long pieces that are each 1-1.5 inches wide.

2. Double knot each bandana strip tightly around the Styrofoam wreath frame. Choose the pattern of bandana strip colors you want to follow.

3. Snip off any stringy ends once the round frame is covered in bandana strips.

4. Display your red, white and blue wreath on the door or wall for a decorative touch during the Olympic games.

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Which of these festive bandana DIYs is your absolute fave? Are you excited to watch the Olympic games? Let us know in the comments!

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by Megan Holt | 8/6/2016