These adorable homecoming moments will give you all the feels


We heart homecoming season. The dresses, the dates, dancing—we can't get enough! And, TBH, we will *never* get over cute homecoming moments and proposals. Check out these sweet stories from readers!

"I was on my phone one day and I got a text. It was from my crush! He had sent me a video of him lip synching to the song 'Best Song Ever' by One Direction. Underneath that, he wrote: 'So, do you wanna dance all night to the best song ever with me?' He had asked me to be his date for homecoming! It was so sweet, especially since I'm a HUGE fan of One Direction! It was the best day ever!" —Bridget H., 15

"Homecoming was coming up and I heard from a few of my friends that my crush would ask me. About two weeks pass by and I'm at cross country practice. I start to run a drill with my best friend when my crush runs out from around the corner with roses and the other guys are holding posters asking me to Homecoming. This is definitely the sweetest thing that's happened to me. Of course I said yes!" —Hallie D., 17

"My school's homecoming dance was coming up and my ride had flaked on me. When my crush heard this, he offered to give me a ride. On our way to the dance, he says 'You know everyone is going to think that we're on a date.' I'm like, 'Yeah' and he says, 'Well then, let's make it official and legit *go* together.' Needless to say, we've been dating since." —Sam K., 15

Peppe these cute Homecoming proposals, too:

But we also know you don't need a date to have an amazing Homecoming. This girl's tweet is also pretty cute.

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by Paige Sheffield | 10/15/2018