Wait, is this a date? How to tell if the signs aren't clear

After texting about the math HW and messaging the *funniest* memes on TikTok, it's *finally* happened—your crush asked you out. Cue the FaceTime to your BFF and dramatic screaming! But when you get there, you're not sure if this is a definite date or a friendly hang. So awkward. What can you do? Take a look at these signs to find out...

The study sesh

Just friends: Even though you wore your *cutest* outfit to the library, bae doesn't seem to notice. Instead, you're swapping flashcards and quizzing each other on vocab terms like your upcoming science test is more important than *any* chemistry you're feeling.

It's a date: In between notecards, your crush takes a moment to make eye contact and ask you questions: Hey, how'd you get so good at math anyway? Are you going to prom? What are your plans this summer? In that case, feel free to follow up with an invite to a non-school hang. It's clear you're both interested.

The group hang

Just friends: Your crush shows up with a squad, and you show up with yours. Everyone's grabbing food, snapping Insta pics and having a fabulous time. The only prob? Bae seems more interested in making memories with their buds than with you.

It's a date: With lots of friends there, your crush might be feeling shy—even if they've been flirty over text before. Ask for some alone time away from your crew—a trip to the snack bar can do the trick. If bae is eager to peel away from the crew for a moment? It's *def* a good sign.

The sports game

Just friends: When you mentioned you're an obsessed hockey fan, bae surprised you with tix to watch your local team win. But when you get there, it doesn't feel like a date at all—your companion sends you to get snacks alone, doesn't offer their sweatshirt when it's chilly and stares at their phone in between shots. Basically, it feels like you're there alone.

It's a date: When you're not cheering like crazy, bae puts their arm around you, asks you to split nachos and mentions you should go together to the next game—a month from now. Score!

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by Katherine Hammer | 1/27/2020