8 ways to show your parents you're ready to date

Your first date is a big deal, for you *and* your parents! A lot of parents are hesitant about letting their daughters date, but there are ways you can show them that you’re ready. Like...

1. Have a conversation about it and listen to what they say
Chances are, your rents have some good reasons they don’t want you to date right now. Have a face-to-face, calm conversation about it. Make sure you really listen to what they have to say. It’s important to know why they feel the way that they feel.

2. Show some maturity
Don’t scream and cry over it. This only proves to them that you are *not* ready to go out on dates yet. Respect their opinions while sharing your point of view.

3. Let them get to know the guy or girl
If your parents get to know the guy or girl you are interested in, they might feel more comfortable with you two dating! Next time your pals are chilling at your place invite your crush to come, too. It's an easy way for your parents to get to know their vibe.

4. Do what you’re already supposed to be doing
Keep your grades up, don’t fight with your sibs and take out the trash without being asked. This will help mom and dad see that you are responsible and can handle something new.

5. Don’t rant about it on social
Even though not being able to date is really frustrating, don’t rant about it on social media. They will find out about it one way or another. It will upset them and it makes you look immature.

6. Play by their rules
When your parents give you some freedom, don’t push their boundaries! Be home by curfew, make sure your chores are done and that they know where you’ll be. Following their guidelines will strengthen their trust in you.

7. Try and compromise
OK, so mom and dad aren’t too keen on you and your (almost) BF or GF going to that midnight movie premiere on the other side of town—but would they be OK with y’all grabbing some dinner before a game of disc golf? If you can all give a little, you can all be happy and feel good about this.

8. Respect their decisions
No matter what ends up happening, respect their decision. If you can date, that's great. But if the answer is still no, you have to be OK with their decision.

How do your parents feel about dating and how did you show them you’re ready for it? Let us know in the comment section!


by Aly Prouty | 10/12/2018
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