9 things that will make you smile if you're feeling down about a crush

Heartbreak happens. It's awful when it does, but it's a necessary part of life that we all go through. These little pick-me-ups were selected *just* for you, if you got dumped, your crush didn't reply to your Snapchat, bae put someone else before you, you didn't have anyone to slow dance with at homecoming or any other not-so-great love sitches. We hope these little pockets of happiness can make you smile today!

1. This photo of The Dolan Twins just *covered* in ice cream.

2. Basically Beyoncé's entire existence.

3. Cupcakes. Because cupcakes.

4. This gif of kittens being kittens.

5. And this gif of Shay Mitchell being totally goofy and gorg (more like Slay Mitchell, right???).

6. BTS's video for "DNA." Why? Because BTS, ofc.

7. If Emma Watson and Jimmy Fallon dancing doesn't make you smile, what will!?

8. Actually, this gif of Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen being adorable besties probably will.

9. And, finally, this gif of puppies trying to run through the snow. Ahh!

Happy Tuesday, GL girls! We hope these goofy pics and vids gave you at least a *little* giggle today.

Photo credit: Shawn Mendes, Ethan Dolan, Giphy, Alina Malina, Tumblr

by GL | 9/14/2018
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