7 flirting tips that will take you from freaked to fearless

We hate to break it to you, girl, but finding your crush was the easy part. All they had to do was smile at you from across the room and within seconds, you were *obsessed.* Flirting with them is an entirely different story and, TBH, can feel like the hardest job in the world. Stop letting those butterflies get the best of you! Here are seven ways to work your confidence and win over your crush.

Practice making eye contact.

It’s time to start making the most of your bathroom mirror. Locking eyes with a cutie is easier said than done, so up your chances of maintaining a solid smize by making eye contact with yourself. Practice eyebrow raises, eye movements and anything else that will help you to feel more comfortable zeroing in on your crush. 

Seek out (but don’t stalk!) their social media accounts.

While you’re practicing those facial expressions, take a moment to make a digital move. Following your crush on social media will let them know that you’re thinking of them. However, keep in mind that there’s a fine line between sending a friend request and liking every photo they've posted over the last three years.

Know a thing or two about them.

Does your crush play any sports? Do they like a famous actor or T.V. show? Is there a T-shirt that they always seem to wear? Hold onto these nuggets of knowledge so that you can work them into your next conversation with them. 

Open with an open-ended question.

If you’re ready to chat, start a convo by asking your crush something that requires more than a yes or no answer. Remember all the info you stored away for future reference? Now’s the perfect time to get the deets on one of those nuggets!

Keep a few jokes up your sleeve.

It never hurts to get a lil’ goofy. Whether they’re laugh-out-loud funny or deserving of an eye roll, jokes help to lighten the mood and show off your personality. 

Try for the touch.

Unlike Harry, practice subtlety here. Pretend to notice a piece of fuzz on their arm. Pluck it away for them, but let your fingertips linger for just a moment longer than necessary. Notice the sudden shockwaves? We bet they're feeling ‘em, too!


Finally, seal the deal with a good ol’ fashioned grin. Any one who’s a sucker for sweetness will be happy to smile back.

Have any tips for fearless flirting? Let us know below!

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by Megan Sawey | 12/5/2018