100 cute things to say (and do) around guys

You're head-over-heels for that hottie in homeroom, but you've got no idea how to break the ice. Stop stressin', girlie, 'cause we've got 100 cute things you can say and do to get your guy's attention...and hopefully snag a date!
  • class.jpg class

    1. First day of school? Ask your crush if he can help you locate the classroom. Making him your door-to-door escort is a great opp to get yourself on his radar.


    2. Drop a pencil or paper near him then ask him to pick it up for you.


    3. After class, before the bell rings, say something like, “Did you get the homework? Because I couldn’t hear Mr./Mrs. [insert Teach’s name]?”


    4. Next time your teacher announces a class project, walk right over to your crush and ask if he wants to pair up. Some forced face time never hurt anyone.


    5. “Forget” your book one day and ask to share his. Scoot your chair up close and read along. Remember to thank him for covering you. You owe him one now. Wink!


    6. Catch your cutie on his way out the door and give him props for sharing his opinion in class. Something like, “I never thought about it that way before” should do the trick.


    >> 7. Show off your smarts by raising your hand and answering questions with poise. He'll be super impressed with your brain AND your beauty.


    8. Ask him for help with that daunting class assignment. What boy wouldn’t want to be your knight in smarty-pants armor? Just enlist a crush who pulls decent grades—you don’t want to flunk for the sake of flirting. 


    9. Before class, ask him to join you in a game of 20 Questions. You'll get to see what he's thinking about at the moment, which could be very helpful.

  • hallway.jpg the hallway

    10. Wash your hair with your fave scented shampoo. Pull up your hair into a tight bun then head to school. When your crush is close by, take the bun out and unwind your hair. The scent and the sight of you tossing your locks will get his total attention.


    11. Before your next exam, pull that hottie aside and ask him to quiz you. But don't hog the flashcards! You gotta reciprocate. Offer to quiz him, too.


    12. Pick a day to get up early and curl your hair, do your makeup and pull on a presh outfit. If he hasn't noticed you yet, he will now.


    13. See your guy friend from science, who happens to be standing with your crush? Casually walk up to them and say to your guy friend, "Did you get the science assignment?" Then, “Oh, hey [insert crush’s name].” If your crush is in the same class, say "Did you get it by chance?" If he isn't, a quick, "Whose class are you in?" will work.


    14. If he’s new to school, ask Teach if you could show him around. Tell him all the Do’s and Don’ts, point out the strict teachers. Being the first face he meets will help you stick out in his mind. 


    15. When everyone’s crammed at their lockers, squeeze by your crush and slyly slip a sticky note on top of his textbook (or anywhere else in his line of vision). The note should have your number and something simple like, “Text me.”


    16. Your teacher being a pain? Whisper to your dude “Looks like someone is having a great day.” Sarcasm might win him over.


    17. First sunny day of spring? Say something like, “It’s finally so nice out! What are you doing after school?”


    >> 18. Randomly stand near your hottie and have a textbook in your hand. Act like you need to get something from your bag (like lipgloss) and ask if he can hold your book for a sec while you scramble for it.


    19. Grab his yearbook and write "call me" next to your pic.
  • cafeteria.jpg
    ...during lunch

    20. Sit close to your BGF’s table at lunch, then swoop on in and ask if he wants your extra homemade potato salad. Yum!


    21. Overhear your dude’s short on change? Fork over the needed quarters. Your kindness will stay in the front of his mind.


    22. Reach for something at the same time. Your hands will brush against each other, then catch his eye and apologize with something like, "I thought I was the only fan of the caf pudding!"


    23. Take note of when he gets up for his food. Try to get on line at the same time. When you see him trying something you've never had say, "Oooh, I've never had that, how is it?" He'll LOVE offering up his opinion.


    24. Offer a hunk o’ Bubblicious Watermelon Wave, a slab of extra pizza. No boy will turn down free food.


    25. Next time he’s in the lunch line next to you, say something obvious like, “Wow, grilled cheese again? Think they could’ve come up with something better, right?”


    26. If your crush works at the deli or coffee shop, swing by. Ask him what time he clocks out, and see if he wants to grab a bite when he gets off work.


    >> 27. Next time you know you'll see your sweetie, just so happen to have a batch of homemade treats on hand. Say, "Hey, I baked these...want one?" He'll probably say yes, and from there you can ask him how they taste, striking up a convo.

  • rollerblade.jpg
    ...on the field

    >> 28. You and your crush play the same sport? Ask him to help perfect your moves.


    29. Guys like playing AND talking sports. Ask him about last week’s game, the upcoming playoffs, what position he plays.


    30. Go to one of his games. Afterward, let him know what a great job he did by complimenting him on specific stuff like, "Great goal," "Nice pass in the fourth quarter," or "You were so fast out there!" It’ll show you were paying attention.


    31. Before he heads out onto the field at his next soccer match, tell him “I bet my friend five bucks your team will win. So don’t let me down!” You know he’ll be motivated to show off his athletic skills.

  • night-out.jpg
    ...during a big night out

    32. When he passes by the kitchen at your next party, enlist his help in opening that bottle of sparkling cider. Cute and strong? Yum!


    33. If he takes you to a party, tell him there's no one you'd rather be arriving with.


    >> 34. At a boring bash, track down your crush and whisper, “I think we need better tunes. Wanna help me come up with a new playlist?” You’ll both be heroes for saving the get-together from turning into a snooze-fest.


    35. Brush up on your manners. Hint: Don’t text your bestie a bagillion times, talk about that nasty furball your cat puked up on your rug, etc. while on a date.


    36. When you see him enjoying the Moose Munch you made for the bash, walk over and say, “Dance the next song with me and I might share my secret ingredient.”


    37. Plan a surprise party for your bestie and ask if he can stand in as the decoy. He’ll feel honored to be handed a task way more important than hanging the streamers.


    38. He shows up to the school dance late? Cutely tap him on the shoulder as you walk by. When he turns to see who it was, he’ll spot you, which is your cue to flash a mini wave before continuing your circulation of the room.


    39. When you sit down at the movies, quickly put up the middle armrest and say, “I hate these things!” Then move a li’l closer and snuggle up to that dude.


    40. During a slow song at your next school dance, rest your head on his shoulder, tell him he's a great guy…and that you're glad you always have someone to lean on.

  • texting.jpg
    ...on your cell

    41. Call him. Leave the phone sitting next to you without saying anything. Wait a few minutes after he hangs up and text him, “I think I accidentally called U, sorry!” Most of the time he’ll text back saying it’s fine then ask what you’re doing.


    42. When your crush sends a text, sweetly grab his phone and enter your digits into his contacts. Don’t forget the sassy smile! Feeling super confident? Tell him to text you some time before walking away. Or…


    43. Give your techie crush props for his new phone and ask to check it out. Program your digits into his address book, and tell him you’ve added a useful new feature.


    >> 44. Text him, “If I were with you right now, what would we be doing?” It’ll make him think about you two being together.


    45. Text him just to say good morning…or good night.

  • laptop.jpg
    Get your love on track online

    46. Find his Facebook info and mine it for something to chat about. He hearts swimming and has a meet coming up? Subtlety mention you’ve never been to one and (poof!) he’ll hopefully tell you to come on by.


    >> 47. Leave a clever comment on his Facebook page, and tell him how much you’re intrigued by his latest status update.


    48. If you're using a computer near a cute guy, just flick off the screen and ask him to help you fix your bug.


    49. Next time you’re texting, Facebook chatting or IMing with your crush, wait a couple of minutes (two or three tops) before responding. You want to look coy and interested, not bored.


    50. Sporadically send him one of your favorite YouTube clips. He’ll ease up seeing you aren’t always too serious.


    51. Ask him his Words With Friends username, wait a couple days then pop on for a challenge. The smart sparks will start flying in no time.

  • basketball2.jpg
    Be competitive

    >> 52. Bet the guy you can do something faster/better/whatever than he can. Challenge him to a round of hoops or suggest a race. Depending on where you are will determine what you can do.


    53. Tell your crush you want to have a staring contest. You two will look into each other’s eyes, finally bat your lashes and say you give up.


    54. At an amusement park, make a bet with your crush to see who can get on the wildest ride the most times in a row. Coaster-phobic? Challenge him to Skee-Ball instead.

    55. At the next rockin’ concert, challenge the cutie next to you to take a wild guess at what song the band will play during the encore. Not only will you get his attention but as soon as the band comes back on stage for the finale, he’ll be thinking about you again!

  • music.jpg
    ...about music
    >> 56. If he’s tuned in to his iPod (and tuning everything else out!), ask if you can listen to his headphones for a sec. When you hear what he’s spinning, give him snaps for his taste in music—or playfully tease him for rockin’ out to a girly tune!


    57. Next time you spot your crush with headphones in, ask which band he’s so into right now. Then casually whip out your own iPod to compare tunes.


    58. Facebook chat him and ask for a song suggestion to add to your mutual friend’s birthday playlist. Next day, tell him it was a great pick then ask if there are any other tunes you should be adding.


    59. Ask him, “What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?”

  • gq.jpg
    Mr. GQ
    >> 60. Compliment his clothes. Tell him you like his shirt or his kicks are pretty cool. The praise may give him a li’l nudge (and some bonus confidence!) to make the next move.


    61. A big holiday coming up? Offer to help your cutie go shopping for his sister or mom. He’ll dig the advice and you two can rejoice with a post-shopping snack.


    62. Not sure if she’s his GF? Wait until his gal pal disappears, then say, “I wanted to tell your girlfriend how cool her bag is. Do you know where it’s from?” If he’s single, he’ll clear up the confusion—and you can kick up the flirting a notch.

  • hollywood.jpg
    Go all Hollywood
    63. Tell him he looks like a particular celeb hottie then use that as an excuse to keep on chatting.


    64. Know what kind of movies he's into? Bring up how you've been wanting to see [whatever is the newest action release or whatever] and mention you'd be totally into catching it together.


    >> 65. When you overhear him talking about a film he really wants to see, jump into the conversation and say, “Just heard you talking about [whatever movie]. My friends and I are going to catch that this weekend—you should come with.”


    66. If you spy a cute guy in the video store, grab two DVDs and ask him which one he’d recommend. If he’s into you, he might serve up a long-winded explanation of why you absolutely must rent such and such.


    67. If your mind goes totally blank when you run smack-dab into him, steal a line from a movie. Go for, “Did you ever think that maybe there is more to life than being really, really, really... ridiculously good looking?” Most guys can easily recite their favorite Zoolander quotes.

  • jokes.jpg
    Corny jokes make him laugh


    68. “Why don't aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny!”


    69. “Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Because he was feeling crummy.”


    70. “Where does a penguin keep his money? In a snow bank.”

    71. “Why are pirates so scary? They just arrr!”

    72. “What’s brown and sticky? A stick!”


    73. “Why can’t a bicycle stand on it’s own? Because it’s two-tired.”

  • whispering.jpg
    ...that will work anywhere
    74. Wear contacts? Bat your lashes while approaching your guy. Ask him to check if your lens is still there because, “Everything is blurry.” He’ll be mesmerized while gazing into your baby blues.


    75. Hit him up for help. Say, “I need your advice. I like this one guy, and he is really [insert what you like about him]. But whenever I talk to him, it just seems awkward. Do you have tips on what I can do?" Once he tells you, use the nifty pointer on him next time.


    76. Do the "princess parade maneuver." Spot a cute boy, then smile and wave. Make it natural, not with an actual pageant-style cupped palm. You don’t want him thinking you mistook him for the waiter or something. Ha!


    >> 77. Gather your girls and start whispering with a few glances in your crush’s direction. When he asks what you’re talking about, blush and tell him you were just discussing how much you like his hair or shoes. Flash a cute smile, retreat your friends and leave him alone to wonder what else you were thinkin’ about.


    78. Running out of things to talk about? Scan your surroundings. Point out that funny looking cloud in the sky or the cute pooch that just ran by to keep the convo flowing.


    79. Steer clear of super serious convos on topics like politics, religion and war, but chat about current events (like those birds that fell from the sky). Crazy, right?


    80. Flash a simple hey, but do it with a grin. It’ll be hard not to return one back. Um, and we all know we look best when we’re happy.


    81. Next time your crush says something funny, gently touch his arm while you’re laughing. It's the perfect trick for showing you're into him.


    82. Be bold and tell that cutie a true but funny story.  He’ll love that you’re comfy enough to laugh at your own blush much moments.


    83. Next time you see your crush, give him one long glance in his direction.  Make sure to make eye contact for a good three seconds then look away.


    84. You and your crush both have dogs? Ask if he wants to walk the pups together. If it starts to get chilly, you'll have a great excuse to lean in closer to him while you're strolling.


    85. See a cute guy at the pool or mall who just might be eyeing you up, too? Walk past him and accidentally give him a gentle shoulder nudge. Apologize, introduce yourself and see if Prince Charming has anything else to say.


    86. On Friday, ask him what he’s doing this weekend. If he doesn’t have much going on, tell him he needs to find some better plans. Yours!


    87. Tell him you have psychic powers then offer to read his palm. Trace the lines on his hand and say, “I foresee you going to the diner with me for double cheeseburgers and curly fries.”


    88. Look at the spaces between your fingers. Then tell him his always fit perfectly in there. Cheesy, but it works.


    89. March up to him and say, "Hi there, you’re cute. I'm [insert your name], you should try to get to know me."


    90. While hanging, see which one of you can come up with the most pick up lines. Use some of the cheesy ones on him down the road. It’ll get a laugh, but also make him reminisce.


    91. Use reverse psychology. Tell him, “I bet I can’t make you smile in ten seconds.” He’s bound to smirk.


    92. Throw in a “Would You Rather.” “Would you rather be stuck in your favorite TV show OR stuck on a deserted island with me?” He!


    93. Forget those Twittens. If it’s chilly outside, slip your hand into his coat pocket, then see how long it takes for his paw to join.

  • bad-idea.jpg
    OK, and some that won’t work anywhere
    94. Graffiti all of your notebooks with huge hearts around both your initials.


    95. During your date collect saltshakers in the restaurant, and balance them in a tower formation on your table.  


    96. Belch. Then score it according to the Olympic standard.


    97. Beg your crush to tattoo your name on his bicep.


    98. Lick your plate during a date. Then offer to lick his as well.


    99. After kissing him, explain you’re doing a study on the spread of mononucleosis.


    100. Every time he opens his mouth, interrupt and start a new conversation.

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