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Book Review: The Blind Faith Hotel

Saying goodbye to her father was hard enough. But now 14 year old Zoe has to face a new home, a new town and a completely new life when she moves from Seattle to the Midwest. Pamela Todd’s newest book, Blind Faith Hotel, traces Zoe’s first year in a Selena, a small prairie town that is a world away from the northern Pacific islands that she used to call home. Her mother is involved in renovating an old farmhouse into an inn; her older sister Nelia is wrapped up in a boy and her brother Oliver is too little to notice that Zoe is miserable.
When a series of events leads Zoe to Ivy, a boy just as sad and alone as she is, Zoe finally begins to feel comfortable in Selena. She’s just starting to carve out a home for herself when Zoe is faced with some tough challenges: the return of her father, puberty and a devastating secret that could destroy her friendship with Ivy. What’s a girl to do? Pick up this book from your local library or bookstore and check it out. It’s a page-turner, I promise!

—Amy Wilson

11/28/2008 12:25:00 PM