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Twilight: Book vs. Movie

After weeks and months of waiting and obsessively searching the Internet for new pics of the cast and interviews with the actors, Twilight the movie finally premiered (yay!!). I, for one, loved it and I'm so ready to go back and see it again as soon as I'm on break for Thanksgiving. I was already in love with Robert Pattinson from his Harry Potter days, so this movie only added to my obsession with him and it also made me appreciate other actors I'd never noticed before, like Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart. Now, let the discussion begin.

1. Who was your favorite character in the movie?

GL Callie: Aside from Edward, I thought Nikki Reed did a great job playing Rosalie! Even though her part isn't that big in the first book, Nikki totally owned it and really showed the audience how much her character dislikes Bella. It's also crazy because apparently, Nikki and Kristen Stewart became BFFs in real life during filming, something I never would have guessed from Nikki's convincing performance.

2. What was your absolute favorite scene of the movie?

GL Callie: I have to admit, all the talk about Rob and Kristen's chemistry made me think it was too good to be true, but I thought they did an awesome job of showing Bella and Edward's relationship. How unsure of themselves they both are around the other person, and how in love they eventually are. Clearly, the kissing scene was my fave! But I'd also say the baseball scene was a close second. Who knew vamps could be so fun and carefree?

3. What would you have added to the movie that was in the book, or is there anything you would have cut out?

GL Callie: I wish the meadow scene was done a little better. It was such an important part in the book. It basically defined their relationship, and I thought it was passed over too quickly. I felt like the transition from her knowing he's a vampire to them being a couple/head-over-heels in love with each other was rushed and confusing for the part of the audience who hasn't read Twilight 200 times.

4. What do you hope they definitely have in New Moon?

GL Callie: I think they left out some great scenes in this movie (the cafeteria talks? Hello!), so for New Moon, I really hope they have voice overs for the parts when Bella can hear Edward's voice. I can kind of see the director leaving them out, but they mean so much to the middle chunk of the story and I think they are really necessary.

5. And finally, rate the movie on a scale of 1-5.

GL Callie: I would give the movie somewhere around a 4. It was awesome and I will obvi be buying it on DVD when it comes out, but some of the parts were a little cheesy for me. I also hope the special effects are a little better in New Moon since they'll prob have a bigger budget.

What are your answers to these questions? Blog about it, Twilight babes!
11/24/2008 5:08:00 PM