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Book recommendations based on your fave Gilmore Girls character

Books, coffee and fall vibes mean that we're officially in our Gilmore Girls era! And to channel our inner bookworm Rory, we found the perfect book rec for you based on your fave comfort character.

If you love Rory Gilmore, read Anna and the French Kiss


Anna and the French Kiss will transport you to a boarding school in Paris, where Anna has to leave her BFF, job and major crush behind to start over in a new city. If you relate to Rory’s love for school and travel, you'll heart this sweet story.

If you love Lorelai Gilmore, read Love From Scratch by Kaitlin Hill


Love From Scratch is the cutest rivals-to-lovers story. The competition for a fall job at a famous cooking channel heats up when a video of Reese and her main rival goes viral. Now, the two must compete in the ultimate cooking contest—and Reese must put her feelings for Benny aside if she wants to come out on top.

If you love Lane Kim, read I Was Born for This by Alice Oseman


Lane’s love for music is something we can all relate to, which is why we love I Was Born for This! It tells the story of Angel’s obsession with a famous boy band. But everything changes on her trip to London (on which she plans to meet up with her online bestie): Angel runs into Jimmy, who just so happens to be the lead in The Ark. 

If you love Paris Geller, read Not Here to be Liked by Michelle Quach


Paris would totally identify with the main character in Not Here to be Liked. This book follows Eliza, who won’t stop until she’s number one. Eliza definitely gives off Paris energy, because when she loses her position as editor-in-chief to her inexperienced male classmate, she starts an iconic feminist movement.

If you love Emily Gilmore, read The Selection by Kiera Cass


We just know Emily would be obsessed with The Selection. America Singer competes in a competition that can truly change her life: She trains to be royal for a chance to win Prince Maxon’s heart despite the whole kingdom watching. It’s The Hunger Games meets The Princess Diaries.

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by Allie Nicoletti | 11/6/2023