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The best holiday gifts for the bookworm in your life


You know the girl in your squad who always has her nose in a book? Yeah, the bookworm! She's a natural introvert, is the best person to turn to when you have a problem, and is the most patient person you know. It might be hard to get her to leave her cozy room, but once she does, you guys have the *best* adventure ever!

She's also the number one gift giver. Why? Because she always takes the time to listen, and her mind goes into overdrive when there's an creative opportunity. But now it's your turn to do the gift giving, and you're totally stuck. Don't worry about it, we got you covered!

Clip on reading light

A perfect prezzy for night owls! With this cute clip on light, your bestie can finish one more chapter without disturbing her roomate.

Urban Outfitters, $15 

Cozy printed socks

The best present *ever* for the bookworm. For the girl who needs to take her reading obsession one step at a time (pun fully intended)

Sockologie, $8

Book themed phone case

A subtle way to show off your style is through your phone case! Get your bookie bestie the *cutest* phone case so that she can show off her style *and* her love of reading.

Redbubble, $21

Tea sampler

Get your BFF the ul-tea-mate gift with this tea sampler! Everyone knows it's essential to have a steaming hot mug of tea to accompany reading delights.

My Tea Drops, $19

And a super cute mug to drink the tea in!

Well, you can't enjoy your tea if you aren't drinking it out of a book themed mug, duh!

Out of Print, $12

Magnetic bookmark

Who wants to ruin a pristine book by dog earing the pages? Magnetic bookmarks are the way to go. 

Etsy, $13

Bookstore scented candle

A bookworm's favorite place is the bookstore, natch! While you can't gift her a home library, you *can* gift her a nose a trip to the bookstore.

Etsy, $12

Fuzzy blanket

Every bibliophile knows the comfort of snuggling under a warm blanket with a good book. Getting your BFF the fuzziest blanket *ever* is sure to put you on the nice list!

Walmart, $9

Book lover shirt

What better way for a bookworm to show off her love of reading than on a funny shirt or sweater? 

Etsy, $22

Which gift are you getting for the bookworm in your life? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag.


by Elina Graham | 11/18/2020