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This bouquet of books could be *all* yours--win it here!


We are *so* over snowstorms and freezing cold temps—bring on warmer weather, sunshine and pastel-colored everything. To help you celebrate the start of spring, we're giving away some of our fave must-reads to five lucky girls. Peep our picks below, then enter to win the whole bundle. Good luck!


The fate of all civilization depends on her survival
In the stunning conclusion to The New York Times best-selling trilogy, Sunshine Griffith must find out whoor whathas been organizing the forces of darkness against her.


An unforgettable sister story...
Gem & Dixie is the newest novel from renowned YA author Sara Zarr. It's a deep, tear-jerking and gorgeously written story about the complex relationship between two sisters from a broken home.


Powerful magic...and a deadly legacy
Evil looms on the horizon, and for Elloren, granddaughter of the last Black Witch, pressure to live up to her heritage is building. To survive, she'll have to trust those she's been taught to hate and fear.


Always be honest and real
Whether it's breakouts, boyfriends, faith, stress or having fun, Natasha's view is to simply be real, no matter what you faceincluding life's roadblocks.


What does strong mean to you?
Girls being fearless. Girls being silly. Girls being wild, stubborn and proud. Strong Is the New Pretty celebrates the spirit of girls being 100 percent themselves.


An adventure-quest love story
A fast-paced thriller that mixes reality with possibility, blending an epic romance with a breathless flight through the highlands of Scotland, the secret city under Londonand history itself.


There's a new squirrel in town
Doreen Green has to move to a new school, make new friendsand hide her fluffy tail. Can she balance being a teenager and a superhero at the same time? Or will she go...nuts?


Meet Mischa "Ish" Love
Things Ish Love will miss when she goes to Mars: watching TV, ice cream, her parrot (Buzz Aldrin). Things Ish will not miss: mosquitoes, heat waves and her ex-best friend, Tig.

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by Amanda Tarlton | 3/12/2017