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The perfectionist's guide to chilling out...and still getting great grades



Let's be real—we all want to get awesome grades. The new year is a fab opportunity to refocus on your studies and aim for straight A's, but as Vega of Disney's Star Darlings series knows, sometimes the quest for perfection can get a little…out of control. Ahead, Vega's fail-safe ways to go from stressed-out sister to high-achieving honey. Check it out! 

1. Find your fun.

Studying for hours may be the key to success, but it's probably not making you all that happy. Be sure to take some time out to do the things you love. For Vega, that means dancing and playing bass in the Star Darlings band, but it could be anything from knitting to watching your favorite show after school. If you're *really* stuck to your schedule, you may need to pencil that fun time in—and that's OK! It's making the "me time" that matters. 

2. Trust your intuition.

The difference between a good idea and a great idea? Creativity. If you're a perfectionist, you might be inclined to do everything by the book, but that's not always going to yield the most amazing results…and what if something doesn't go exactly how you wanted it to? When Vega started wish granting, for example, her perfect plans didn't always work. But once she began to trust her instincts, she was better than ever. So go for that crazy idea or off-the-beaten-path project. Setting your take on Romeo and Juliet in space? Making a Marie Antoinette music video? You won't regret it! 

3. Mind your motivation.

Getting great grades for the sake of your GPA is fine, but if all you care about are A's, it can be hard to stay motivated. Think about what's *really* driving you to do well. If you're like Vega, maybe you know that a better, more exciting life comes from reaching for the stars and trying your best. Or maybe you've got your eye on an Ivy League, and great grades are pretty much a requirement. Whatever it is, keep your focus with a little trinket (like Vega's star belt or a motivational poster) that reminds you to always go for your goals. You've got this. 

Press play below to get a sneak peek of Vega, then CLICK HERE to learn more about her and the rest of the Star Darlings! 

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by GL | 2/1/2016