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How to be the Best Third Wheel: THE BOOK CLUB AT-A-GLANCE
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Can't get enough of the enemies-to-lovers trope? Our latest Bestie Book Club read— How to be the Best Third Wheel by Loridee De Villais equal parts feel-good *and* funny.

After a summer spent in the Philippines, Lara can't wait to be reunited with her three best friends. But when her squad surprises her with their no-longer-single status, Lara is suddenly left feeling like the (eek!) seventh wheel.

As the school year progresses, Lara finds herself feeling like an outsider in more ways than one. And it doesn't help that she's starting to question her feelings for James, her childhood bestie turned sworn enemy. How to be the Best Third Wheel is a heartwarming reminder that it's OK to not always be OK—and that knowing when to put yourself first is a part of growing up.

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After learning that her three best friends have BFs, Lara is stuck feeling like the outsider in her own squad. Her plans for senior year feel totally ruined. Making matters worse? She's stuck tutoring James (her family friend...slash nemesis) after school. 

But when James accounces he'll be finishing his senior year in London, Lara realizes that her feelings might have changed. Lara has no idea how to face the truth—or to make a decision about a super important summer internship opportunity. 

From friend fights to family pressures, How to be the Best Third Wheel will have you hooked from the very start. But what really makes this novel stand out? Its v. inspiring messages about self-love and rolling with the punches when life gets you down. 

What are you waiting for?! Read How to be the Best Third Wheel right now.

Spoiler level: Medium

Did our Bestie Book Club love How to be the Best Third Wheel? Read on! Meet Abigail, Ally, KenzKatie, Kameron, Kalena, Presley and Tiffany. These ~fabulous~ GL girls heart reading as much as you do—and they're here to answer *all* our most burning Qs about How to be the Best Third Wheel. 

Ally @thenatureofpages

What about this read felt the most relatable? "The friendship troubles Lara experiences at the beginning of the school year. I think a lot of girls can relate to the loneliness Lara feels when she's excluded."
How would you describe Lara and James's relationship? "I loved their chemistry! James and Lara are couple goals with their pranks and third-wheeling mischief."
What's the biggest thing you got out of this book? "That strong friendships really do help you get you through the toughest times."

Kenz, Katie and Kameron @couchsisters

Which scene stuck out to you the most? "There are sooo many to choose from...but probably when Kiera, Jasmine and Carol surprise Lara and apologize for excluding her. No friend group is perfect, but these besties definitely had a tight bond."
Pick one word to describe this read. "Surprising. The whole time, we thought we could predict the ending...but it was totally unexpected."
What did you think of Xander and Lara's friendship? "Xander was such a great friend to Lara—even when her other friends bailed on her, he always had her back."

Kalena @kalena.reads

What were your thoughts on Lara? "Lara was super relatable: I understood the pressures she felt throughout the book, whether she was dealing with school or issues with friends."
No spoilers, but did you like the ending? "I'll confess, I was rooting for a certain pair—they have so many childhood memories together."
Which characters did you enjoy the most? "James and Lara's family members. They were all so funny! Some of the siblings had me laughing out loud."

Abigail @abigailzoelewis

Which Lara and James scene made your heart melt? "When James treats Lara to ice cream. He remembered her order from when they were younger. I also really loved their first date. He pulled out *all* the stops to impress her."
Throughout the novel, Lara continually compares herself to her cousin, Eliza. How do *you* deal with moments of self-doubt? "I think that, at some point or another, everyone struggles with their confidence. When I have those feelings, I just look in the mirror and give myself a pep talk—it works."
Would you love to be a part of the LKJC squad? "One hundred percent. Even though Lara's friends make mistakes, they own up to them. I think Carol was my fave—her overprotective vibe was hilarious."

Presley @presleysbookreviews

What did you think of Lara's friends' BFs? "I thought that Logan, Daniel and Mark were genuinely such sweet guys. They really seemed to have Lara's friends' best interests at heart."
Were there any parts of the book that really stuck with you? "I was so disappointed when Lara was continually stood up by her friends. It's pretty obvious how awful Lara feels when she's third (or seventh) wheeling."
Who would you recommend this read to? "Anyone who loves a great romance! It had so many hilarious moments and was adorable from start to finish."

Tiffany @quilltreefox

Which character really stood out to you? "I loved Lara's grandmother, Lola Nora. It was great to see the presence of her family throughout the story—and how Filipino culture is deeply integrated throughout her life."
What did you think of James and Lara's dynamic as "enemies"? "Their banter was hilarious. Plus, I felt like they were both on their own separate journeys of self-discovery." 
Fave part of this five-star read? "How Lara learned so much about herself during her final year as a high school student. I also really loved how the author incorporated diverse representation and so many touching family moments."

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by GL | 5/11/2022