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Spoiler level: Low

Are you and your BFF brimming with absolutely ~amaze~ business ideas? Are you two chic, creative and crafty? Do you support each other through the successes and struggles you face each day? If your answers are yes, yes and (ofc) yes, then meet Beth and Chanda, the relatable BFFs of Besties: Work It Out. Keep scrolling to read what our besties thought of these besties (or you can buy the book right here)!

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Spoiler level: High

Whether they're crafting a creative lemonade stand or walking every pet in town, Beth and Chanda are determined to be the boss babes they just know they can be. So they totally luck out when Beth's big sis offers them the chance to dogsit for the glamorous Ms. Langford's cute pup—in a gorgeous mansion, natch. 

The goal? To earn enough money so that Beth can treat her mom to a spa day (awww) and Chanda can convince her parents she's responsible enough to adopt and care for a cat (double awww). 

At first, everything seems too good to be true—the job is simple and Ms. Langford's house is stunning—complete with *so* many Insta fashion photo ops, ofc. And Beth and Chanda have each other, so what could go wrong? 

But soon, mishaps (think: a wild pooch and a v. expensive broken lamp) and misunderstandings (think: Chanda wants to fix things, Beth wants to own up) put everything these two have earned (including their BFF bond) into jeopardy. 

Can these bold besties work out their problems before Ms. Langford returns—or are they going to have to say goodbye to their goals for now? 

What are you waiting for?! Read Besties: Work It Out right now. 

Spoiler level: Medium

Did our Bestie Book Club love Besties: Work It Out? Read on!
Meet Ellarose, Joy, Kira, Kylee, Lorelei and Reese. These ~fabulous~ Girls' Life girls heart reading as much as you do—and they're here to answer *all* our most burning Qs about Besties: Work It Out. Find out why they can't get enough of this relatable read (plus, can't-miss friendship tips)...

Ellarose @ellarosekaylor

What do you heart about Besties: Work It Out? "I love that it's a graphic novel—it was so exciting to curl up and read after doing my homework. This book never gets boring."  
Would you want to be besties with Beth or Chanda? "I'd want to join their duo and become a trio! I love how resilient and positive they are—I'd fit in with them." 
One unexpected scene you love? "Any scene with Beth's big sis Lisa. She's such a role model and really helps the girls find their way." 

Joy @joytuckofficial

Low-key adorable moment? "The fashion montages were *so* stylish and entertaining!" 
How'd you connect to Besties: Work It Out? "When Beth and Chanda felt pressure to impress the other girls in their grade, I could really understand what they were going through." 
What did you enjoy most about this pick? "I really love how Besties is a graphic novel series. It's a total page-turner and keeps me reading for fun."  

Kira @cali.kira

Are you a Beth or a Chanda? "I'm definitely the Chanda of my squad. I don't mind questioning the rules and taking risks to go for my dreams." 
What's one big goal you'd want to save up for? "It would be so cool to buy my own house when I'm grown up and get to decorate it however I want." 
What's one BFF lesson you learned from Besties: Work It Out? "It's OK for you and your bestie to have different points of view—and even to disagree sometimes. It's talking through those moments that makes your bond even stronger." 

Kylee @cheerps.lauren_k

Do you lean more toward Beth or Chanda? "I'm more of a Beth for sure. My twin brother and I are the oldest of our siblings so I always want to set a good example and help out my mom." 
What life lessons did you learn from this book? "Making mistakes never feels good—but when you apologize and admit that you were wrong, that's how you can grow. Taking responsibility for your actions is super important." 
One BFF pro tip *every* girl should know? "Show respect to your friends and speak up when things are bothering you—but make sure to listen to their side of the story, too." 

Lorelei @loreleicheers

What's your fave scene in Besties: Work It Out? "I loved when the whole crew had Pizza Bagel Friday. If you look closely in the graphic novel, Chanda even fed the dog a pizza bagel." 
How did you connect to Beth and Chanda's friendship? "They really balance each other out. It shows that you don't have to be exactly alike to form an amazing friendship, which I found super relatable." 
Time to choose: Are you more Beth or Chanda? "Probably more of a Beth. I think it's important to do the right thing even in stressful sitches." 

Reese @thereesewarren

Would you want to be an entrepreneur like Beth and Chanda? "Working on my YouTube channel is like running a business. You have to stay focused and creative —just like Beth and Chanda with their various ventures." 
Best scene from the book? "When Beth and Chanda have to make a game plan after their lemonade stand isn't successful. Their optimism is inspiring." 
What's one BFF lesson everyone should know? "Instead of trying to change people to be more like you, love and accept them for who *they* uniquely are." 

So you've read the book and you're ready to talk all things Besties: Work It Out? Wondering *exactly* how the Bestie Book Club works and what it means to be a member? There are so many ways you can get involved—whether it's solo, on social media or with your whole squad. Here's a quick list...
+ SOLO. Take out your trusted journal and answer any of our reader response prompts based on Besties: Work It Out. Are you more of a Beth or a Chanda? What's the most relatable scene in this read and why? What job would you want to do and what big goal would you want to save money to accomplish? If you and your BFF started a business, what would it be? How do Beth and Chanda take responsibility for their mistake and how can you do the same in your life? 
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by GL | 10/20/2021