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EXCLUSIVE! Sydney Mikayla is fierce and fearless in Fright Krewe's second season (and all the time, tbh)

Fright fans, get excited: Turns out spring is spooky szn, too. Fright Krewe is officially back on Hulu—and the animated horror series is bringing ~all~ the thrills 'n' chills (and even some scary surprises) to its second season. 

We *had* to sit down with star (and low-key our new role model) Sydney Mikayla so she could dish on everything you're going to heart from her character Soleil this time balancing college and acting and whether or not she's a horror fan herself. 

Girls' Life: Take us into the mind of Fright Krewe's fearless leader Soleil.

Sydney: She's a horror enthusiast—she loves being scared, loves knowing everything about being scared. The show takes place in New Orleans and does a great job exploring that history, highlighting the "scary" things...but as we go deeper into the show, it's more highlighting the beautiful parts of what some may consider scary. 

GL: What challenges does Soleil face?

Sydney: Soleil likes to adventure, to be in her own pack and on her own path. She has to navigate her friendships and having to do things with other people, which isn't always easy for her. I think she really starts to overcome her fear of being vulnerable.

GL: How about in Season Two? What can we expect from Soleil and the crew?

Sydney: I don't want to say too much...but I think the first season had some great magical aspects, some amazing powers so maaaaybe expect something in that realm in terms of powers, new abilities, things like that. Maybe, maybe not. Just stay tuned.  

GL: And if you could have any magical power, you'd pick...

Sydney: Teleportation. I just went to Mexico, which was really great, but that flight is no joke. Would love to cut the travel time. I'd probably go to Bali next.

GL: Love a teleportation vacay. When you're not dreaming of paradise, do you enjoy relaxing with a horror movie?

Sydney: Unlike Soleil, I do not like the gory stuff. But I love a good psychological thriller. I really love Afro surrealism—like, Atlanta or Sorry to Bother You. I'm also a huge fan of Jordan Peele. I think his work is just so incredible. I love horror that makes you think. 

GL: Fright Krewe has found a cult following. Why do you think people are so drawn to the show?

Sydney: I think a lot of times animation gets, like, written off—like, Oh, it's for kids or people believing animation doesn't have good writing. That's so false. Sure, it might not be happening with a live action cast but the writing is so real and so raw. I think the show does a really great job of emphasizing that even if you don't really understand a culture, it's important not to demonize it. Everyone's cultures aren't the same...that doesn't necessarily make it scary. 

GL: When you're not pursuing your many acting jobs, what are you up to?

Sydney: I'm almost to my senior year at UCLA, which is great. College is college-ing...but in the best way possible. I'm on a dance line team, the Bruinettes, and it's just a beautiful celebration of Black culture and dance. And some great acting and voiceover projects in the works for sure! 

GL: Any advice for balancing your college life with your career?

Sydney: I've definitely learned that you cannot do it all at once. And I think that's OK. It's tough, as an artist and an actress—you want to do it all, to take all the auditions but it's OK to have that balance of heavier and lighter seasons. The beauty of voiceover is that there are times when I'm doing a lot of sessions and then times like these where the projects are [coming] out and allow me to focus on more on school. That was a great part about doing Fright Krewe. I feel like more people in entertainment are in a place where they are going to college and pursuing their career. 

GL: Biggest goals for the future? What's on your vision board?

Sydney: So many goals. I want to produce TV and film—eventually having my own production company would be amazing. I've always wanted to work with Jordan Peele and definitely Issa Rae, too. She pushes me. I just love her entrepreneurial spirit. Dream project? Maybe a musical. Love a good musical movie. Like, a Singing in the Rain revival. And definitely to travel, too. To keep dancing. To spend a lot of time with my parents—I really love them—and with my dog Champion. He's a poodle Schnauzer mix. He's getting so old. I love him. 

GL: So the teens in your show are in charge of saving New Orleans from a demonic threat...but IRL high school can be kinda scary, too. Any advice?

Sydney: Be the best version of yourself. I know it's corny, but I feel like the best advice is usually the corniest. Especially with social media, which I know can be a very dark and hectic space. But there's a beauty of social media, too—when you are just really authentically yourself, so much good can come of that. Even if you're just ranting about school or doing your makeup a certain way or showing your very specific fashion, this could be your thing eventually, your brand or your career. I have friends who are fashion designers, who are making music and started at that age. 

It's so easy to want to conform, to do what everyone else is doing, but fight that tendency. Stick to what feels true to you and be authentic. 

Catch Fright Krewe's second season on Hulu now!

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by Katherine Hammer | 4/8/2024