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A nondefinitive ranking of every song from GUTS

Livies, rejoice! The Pisces queen herself just released her sophomore album, GUTS, filled with 12 absolute bops. And we can't quite put into words how obsessed we are.

Whether you want to know exactly what to expect for your first listen or you've already made your own ranking and want to compare to ours, we've got you covered...

12. "logical"

First things first on the album? "Logical." It starts with a beautiful piano melody that continues throughout the song, and it's clear that Olivia poured her heart into this one. But while we love it, it does remind us of some SOUR songs (especially "favorite crime"). 

11. "bad idea right?" 

"bad idea right?" gives off *all* the grunge and rock vibes. The lyrics are super playful and fun. While it's one of Olivia's more punk-inspired songs (which means some screaming), it's still worth a listen.

10. "get him back"

"get him back" is the ultimate revenge song. Olivia's talk-singing in the beginning reminds us of "bad idea right?," but the lyrics surround the anger and desire for revenge after going through a tough breakup.

9. "lacy"

The lyricism in this tune? Incredible. While it's not exactly a song you can dance along to, its soothing melody and Olivia's classic whispery and calming voice make it a masterpiece. 

8. "the grudge"

This tune reminds us lots of some songs from SOUR—but we still love it! It describes what it *actually* feels like to go through a heartbreak. The lyric that especially resonates? "And I try to be tough, but I wanna scream." 

7. "love is embarrassing"  

"love is embarrassing" gives off allll the catchy, techno '80s vibes we heart. This song is amaze for scream-singing. We can already picture the loads of dance parties we'll be having to this song. 

6. "making the bed" 

"making the bed" gives off major Conan Gray (Olivia's bestie) energy in the best way possible. The lyrics are poetic and deep, and the song itself is beautiful. Brb, adding this tune to our crying playlist (IYKYK). 

5. "pretty isn't pretty"

Being a girl in this day and age is challenging. And this song perfectly sums that up. It gives off the same message that we got from the Barbie movie—that society puts wayyy too much pressure on girls and women (and that unrealistic beauty standards need to end ASAP). With a catchy beat and relatable lyrics (our fave is "I could change up my body and change up my face, I could try every lipstick in every shade, but I'd always feel the same"), what's not to love? 

4. "teenage dream" 

This is a song that perfectly encapsulates the nostalgia and bittersweet feelings of growing up. And if you thought the song couldn't get any does. Toward the end of the song, the lyrics "they all say that it gets better" are sung with Olivia's classic whispery-sweet voice, and then the song kicks in even more.

3. "ballad of a homeschooled girl"  

While this song is the ultimate homeschooled girlie anthem, it's relatable for *everyone*. Her lyrics in this punk tune are super real and honest (listening feels like reading an entry from Olivia's diary). And trust us, after just one listen, this tune will be living in your head rent-free! 

2. "all american b****"

If you're anything like us and couldn't get enough of "good 4 u" from SOUR, then this one is *so* your vibe. This tune is the first of the album for a reason—it's oh-so catchy, and the lyrics are absolutely beautiful (yes, we're talking about "I am as light as a feather, I'm as stiff as a board"). And when it kicks in? It's impossible *not* to dance along. 

1. "vampire"

Last but certainly not least, "vampire" gets the top spot in our ranking! How did it snag that number-one spot? Maybe it's the fact that it was one of the first songs released from the album. Or maybe it's because the song (which has been taking all of our socials by storm) has been stuck in our heads for the past two months. Either way, "vampire" gives off all the Twilight-esque vibes we can't get enough of. 

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 9/8/2023