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EXCLUSIVE! Kayden Muller-Janssen's new single is the summer bop you've been waiting for

Editor's Note: This interview was conducted prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

For actress and singer Kayden Muller-Janssensummer is *all* about reconnecting with her roots. 

"Being home with family is my calm and happy place," Kayden reflects. During her time filming season two of her hit series The Villains of Valley View (airing right now on Disney Channel), she'd slip back home to relax and catch up with her OG crew whenever she needed a reset.

And it's those high-key positive feelings that inspired Kayden's newest single "Meant to Be," a breezy summer jam that dropped July 14 (stream it on Spotify here). "It came at a great time in my life and reflects exactly how I feel—that this exact place in my life is where I'm meant to be," she says.

So how does Kayden keep those good vibes on lock...and where is she meant to be next? We got the lowdown. 

Girls' Life: Which "Meant to Be" lyric are you most excited for everyone to hear?

Kayden: The bridge. It's basically saying how I've grown up and gone through all these experiences—and I've learned from them and things are only going up from here.

Girls' Life: As you've grown up, looking back, what advice would you give your younger self?

Kayden: Don't take everything too seriously! I feel deeply. I'm a pretty emotional person. As a kid, I didn't always know how to handle those feelings. And with social media you can get a little lost. So I would say to sit back, be grateful and think of all the positive things you have, from food on our tables to family and friends who support us.

Girls' Life: Aside from music, you've been starring as Hartley on The Villains of Valley View. With the second season airing rn, what scene did you have the best time filming?

Kayden: Without spoiling it—because the episode isn't out yet—there's one episode where Hartley goes to a pottery class and something goes a little haywire. I get to do a stunt that I never got to do in the [first] season. It would have to be my favorite scene, and once everyone sees it they'll definitely get why. 

Girls' Life: And what's something about Hartley that's inspired you in your own life?

Kayden: She's taught me a lot more patience. In real life, sometimes my temper gets the best of me. But Hartley doesn't let that happen. She steps back, thinks about it and chooses kindness. She always wants to help people and animals and it reminds me of myself when I was younger, so I feel really connected to that.

Girls' Life: You have a fabulous summer ahead but, just as important: What's your go-to summer style?

Kayden: I'm in an edgy statement piece fashion era. I love a statement piece, like really cool pants with graphics. Or I just got a purse that literally looks like a cherry.

Girls' Life: We love to see it. So when we press play on "Meant to Be," what's the perfect vibe to go with it?

Kayden: I hope this is a fun summer bop to listen to with friends, going to the beach, dancing around the house. Just a positive vibe to feel the beat and start moving. 

Put "Meant to Be" on repeat now here!

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Image: Tim Schaeffer. 

by Katherine Hammer | 7/14/2023