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Our fave moments from The Summer I Turned Pretty season two (so far)

After nearly a year of waiting, there's *finally* three new episodes of The Summer I Turned Pretty to obsess over—and with last season's major cliffhanger keeping us on our toes, you can bet we tuned in to the new episodes as quickly as you can say "Cousins Beach."

Whether you're Team Conrad or Team Jere (or Team Cam—what's not to love about a boy who speaks Latin?), we have a feeling you'll want to tune into these top moments from season far. 

1. "Last Kiss" (Belly's Version)

Another major July moment we've had marked on our calendars for months? Speak Now (Taylor's Version)—so naturally, when we heard "Last Kiss" blasting through our speakers at the end of season two, episode one, our jaws were on. the. floor. This fan-fave ballad is the perfect song for Belly for daydream about Conrad to, and it's just one of many T. Swift songs we're hoping to hear throughout the new season.  

2. Steven and Taylor battle it out

The bad news: Sheyla does not return to Cousins Beach for a second season, leaving Steven single for the summer. The good news: Single Steven might just have it bad for Taylor, as teased in some of the season two promo we've seen so far. The two have a hilarious Barnes and Noble showdown in which Steven accuses Taylor of covering for Belly. But, bc Tay is a true-blue bestie, she keeps Belly's disappearance a secret...and still finds time for a little flirting. Staylor = our new fave ship, it's decided.

3. Belly and Jeremiah make up

It's no surprise that's things are, erm, awkward between Jeremiah and Belly after the season one finale. And when the two embark on a last-minute road trip to find Conrad after he goes missing from Brown, it seems like their relationship might be permanently scarred by the previous summer's events. Thankfully, a flat tire forces them to face their probs head-on and the two share an emotional moment before returning to their misison.


4. Belly and Conrad's "invisible string" moment

We may be right in the heat of summer, but this adorable snow-on-the-beach montage (complete with steaming mugs of hot cocoa, natch) melted our hearts and had us wishing for more. It's pretty obvious from the first episode of the new season that something bad goes down between Belly and Conrad, so seeing them in love before the fallout = what we've been waiting for since last summer. 

5. Prom

The third episode is an emotional rollercoaster to say the least, and seeing Conrad bail at Belly's junior prom is heartache on the big screen. Belly understands that Conrad has a lot on his mind, but their sad solo dance foreshadows that things might not be built to last for the two. Still, we love Belly's purple gown...and Conrad in a tux? We're not complaining.

6. Conrad's guitar performance

Last, but certainly not least, is Conrad's heartfelt performance at Susannah's funeral. Seeing his vulnerability shine through is a rare occurance in the TSITP cinematic universe, but we have no doubts of Conrad's love for his mom. Season two certainly won't be the same without Susannah, but we know for a fact that the Fisher boys will keep her spirit alive on episode at a time.

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by Lena Genovese | 7/14/2023