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Netflix just released a first look at XO, Kitty—and we couldn't be more excited

Netflix just dropped some *major* news, and your gonna want to hear it: XO, Kitty will start streaming on May 18!

The To All the Boys I've Loved Before spin-off series will star Anna Cathcart as everyone's fave sarcastic little sister, Katherine Song Covey (AKA Kitty, to her friends).

Netflix initially announced the series in October 2021 in a short clip on Instagram. The announcement teased that Kitty's love story would be just beginning, with a message from Kitty herself. 


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Needless to say, fans were *obsessed* with the idea of the youngest Covey sister taking center stage in her own show. And now, after a looong wait, we finally got an update!


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It looks like Kitty will be traveling abroad to Seoul to attend boarding school—the same place where her mom spent her junior year of high school. Oh, and the same place where her long-distance BF, Dae, is currently studying. Kitty thinks this is fate, natch. (Pssst: We recommend rewatching the third installment of the TATB trilogy, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, to relive Kitty and Dae's adorable meet-cute one more time.)

We can't wait to follow along with Kitty's adventures as she reconnects with her Korean culture, learns more about her mom's past and deals with first love. Text the group chat stat and plan those Netflix parties—XO, Kitty will be streaming in just a couple of months!

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by Melanie Dowling | 3/22/2023