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We tried the most viral TikTok trends so you don't have to

"Um, does that *actually* work?" —You, scrolling your FYP

From cooking hacks to beauty secrets to dance tutorials, it's no secret that TikTok is full of nifty tips, tricks and trends. But, um, which ones are actually legit—and which ones are a waste of time? DW, we put the most viral TikTok vids to the ultimate test. What we found, just below...

Baked oats

@nomeigusta i make like 5 diff flavors of these oats but every time i make them for my friends they Demand the recipe so … here it is #bakedoats #healthyrecipes ♬ original sound - mei eldridge

If you haven't heard of baked oats yet, where have you been?! Yep, TikTok claims that you can take your porridge from drab to fab with this dessert-like spin on everyone's fave breakfast food. With flavors like brownie batter, brown sugar cinnamon and blueberry lemon, we can guarantee there's a baked oats variation floating around for even the pickiest eaters.

And yes, we're v. happy to report that the recipes stack up, both in terms of convenience (simply combine the ingredients in a blender and toss 'em in the oven) and taste (they *literally* taste like a cake).

Pro tip: Drizzle your warm oats with peanut butter or honey for an extra-indulgent (and surprisingly healthy), energizing a.m. eat.


@girlslifemag Seeing #slugging everywhere on your fyp? It’s so much easier than you think… Who else is trying this? 🐌 #sluggingtutorial #sluggingwithvaseline #skincaretips #skincarecheck ♬ borderline - lovdfilmz

Clear skin apparently awaits with this TikTok trend. All you need is a jar of Vaseline and a good night's sleep—and you'll be glowy by the time your alarm goes off.

But does slugging really help your skin? Yes and no. It's great for adding moisture (bonus: it doesn't clog your pores, so no breakouts here), but it's not a miracle cure for smooth 'n' silky skin. While slugging does help protect your natural skin barrier and restore hydration, it won't heal your acne scars overnight.

Wanna try it for yourself? We compiled the ultimate guide to slugging. You're welcome.

Aesthetic journaling

@girlslifemag Do you journal? What other ways do you support your mental health? 🖋💗#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #selfcare #journaling #journalprompt #mentalhealth ♬ original sound - Girls’ Life Magazine

We're always here for a self-care moment. And the easiest way to unwind? Channeling your thoughts in a v. cute journal. TikTok is full of pretty inspo—from prompts to designs. But we'll be honest: Our fave way to build a sustainable habit is simply jotting down your musings every night before bed. Washi tape and polaroids are cute and all (and props to you if you wanna make your notebook pretty), but it's *just* as effective to put a pen to paper. Not to mention it won't become a chore. Peep our fave journaling prompts here.

Fashion hacks

@carolinafreixa Fashion hacks! #fashionhacks #tutorial #fashioninspo #outfitinspo #hack ♬ Let Me Blow Ya Mind Showmusik Remix - Showmusik Sounds

So many to choose from—but our tried and true fave *has* to be the sports bra + sweater trick. Wanna take your oversized grandpa pullover from saggy to sleek? Simply tuck the ends into the band of your sports bra. Srsly, this hack has left us thinking, why didn't we know this earlier?!

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by Kathleen O'Neill | 5/25/2022