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11 fictional couples that embody songs from Sour

Since its release, fans have been *obsessed* with the relatability of the songs on Olivia Rodrigo's debut album, Sour. Like Olivia, most people have endured the various stages of heartbreak at one point or another. Whether you've personally experienced a broken heart, or you've lived vicariously through your fave TV couple's split, it's obvious that breakups are no fun. To show *just* how relatable Sour is, we've rounded up the fictional couples that best embody each song from Sour. Keep reading to learn who our top picks are...

"brutal" - Ten Things I Hate About You (Kat and Patrick)

"brutal" should *literally* be Kat and Patrick’s theme song. You know what's brutal? Finding out that your relationship started as a bribe...(cue "It's brutal out here!). Even though these two star-crossed lovers wound up together in the end, Kat proved her independence and showed that she doesn't need a man to be happy—like a true icon.

"traitor" - Greys Anatomy (Jo and Alex)

The biggest traitor of them all is Alex Karev. Even though we probably all fell in love with Alex at one point or another, you have to admit that leaving your wife for your ex is the *ultimate* betrayal (and I guess in this case, he actually *did* cheat).

"drivers license" - The Notebook (Allie and Noah)

Considering "drivers license" is an entire song dedicated to reminiscing about a past relationship, we can’t think of any couple more worthy of this song than Allie and Noah. Although their relationship wasn't perfect, Allie and Noah never stopped loving each other—even after years of being apart. No matter the distance, their love prevailed, and in the end, they found their way back to each other. While The Notebook has a happier ending than "Drivers Licene", we are certain that Olivia will get her happy ending, too.
"one step forward, three steps back" - Euphoria (Nate and Maddy)

Nate and Maddy are the classic on-and-off relationship, making them the perfect embodiment of "one step forward, three steps back." Just when you think this couple is *finally* getting somewhere, they just go back to square one. No matter how much Maddy tries to make it work, their relationship just continues to become increasingly more toxic. With them, it’s more like one step forward and three yards back.
"deja vu" - Cruel Summer (Kate and Jamie)

TBH, we get deja vu comparing Jamie's relationships with both Kate and Jeanette. After Kate disappeared, Jeanette completely replaced her. She took her friends, boyfriend and status, all while knowing *exactly* where Kate was. Luckily, Kate got her happy ending, but the big question is, Jamie, did you get deja vu?
"good 4 u" - Legally Blonde (Elle and Warner)

"good 4 u" is easily one of the most empowering songs on Sour, and who is more empowering than feminist icon Elle Woods from Legally Blonde? After dating for months, Warner dumps Elle and gets engaged to another woman ( a psychopath?). Elle gets her revenge, though, when she gets into Harvard Law, graduates as valedictorian, wins her court case and rejects Warner when he begged her to take him back. "good 4 u" Elle!
"enough for you" - One Tree Hill (Lucas and Brooke)

Think about it, the song "enough for you" was practically made for Lucas and Brooke. Brooke only ever wanted to be *enough* for Lucas, even though nothing she did could satisfy him. Throughout their relationship, Lucas was terrible to Brooke (cheating on her and harboring feelings for her BFF). In the end, Brooke eventually understood her self-worth and realized that she is more than enough. #TeamBrooke.
"happier" - Gilmore Girls (Jess and Rory)

Of all the relationships in Gilmore Girls, the most heartbreaking breakup was that of Jess and Rory. These two love-birds were the definition of right person wrong time. Despite their breakup, Jess never stopped caring for Rory. In the end, Jess only ever wanted the best for her, even though he it was painful to wacth her choose Logan over him. (But, let’s face it, we *all* know that these two would be happier together).
"jealousy, jealousy" - My Mad Fat Diary (Rae and Finn)

Despite being beautiful inside and out, Rae never felt like she was good enough for Finn. She was constantly comparing herself to his previous girlfriends, which wasn't healthy. Eventually, Rae let her insecurities get in the way of her relationship with Finn, causing her to break things off. 
"favorite crime" - Grand Army (Joey and Tim)

In the first few episodes of Grand Army, it was easy to ship Tim and Joey's seemingly "perfect" relationship. In an unfortunate turn of events, Tim betrayed Joey when she needed him the most, leaving her vulnerable and alone in a scary situation.
"hope ur ok" - La La Land (Mia and Sebastian)

While the song "hope ur ok" isn't about a relationship, it still reminds us of La La Land's Mia and Sebastian. They both dealt with struggles and ultimately lost touch, but still wished each other the best. It seems like they both took their bad deals and made a "royal flush."

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by Lexi Moore | 7/9/2021