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Why In the Heights was the movie I needed to see this summer

In the Heights is making waves as one of the biggest movies of the summer. It tells the story of the Washington Heights neighborhood in New York—focusing on its tight-knit community.  Read on to learn why In the Heights was a much-needed movie after a long year.

In the Heights is a movie adaption from the Broadway musical of the same name. Much of the movie is told through song. It is is narrated throughout by Usnavi—an immigrant who came to New York from the Dominican Republic. Much of the focus is on Usnavi and his story—however the stories of many other residents intertwine with his. Even through hardship, the residents of Washington Heights continue to push towards their goals. In the end, they discover their dreams weren't so far out of reach after all. 

In the Heights is not only a story of chasing your dreams—but also adapting to change when things don't seem to be working out. From their own personal struggles to a neighborhood wide blackout—the residents of Washington Heights were forced to adapt. They had no choice but to keep going. After such a crazy year I found it inspirational to see the characters adapt, overcome and reach their dreams—even when the world seemed to be against them. Seeing the residents of Washington Heights face so many challenges yet still reach their goals gave me hope that we all too can do the same.

In the Heights not only impacted me because of its message—but simply because it is such a fun and entertaining movie. The whole thing is packed with crazy dance numbers, amazing songs and lots of hillarious moments. The movie had a lasting impact on me and had me feeling great long after watching it. It truly is the definition of a "feel good movie." After a rough year the future is finally looking bright. In the Heights was the perfect film to lift my spirits and remind me of everything there is to look forward to. 

In the Heights was the movie I truly needed this summer. Not only is it uplifting and inspiring—it's a fun little escape to a world jam packed with song and dance. If you are looking for a pick me up after 2020—In the Heights is just the film you need. 

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by Paige Mountain | 6/30/2021