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15 Sour lyrics that would make perfect Instagram captions


Olivia Rodrigo rocked the world (yes, again) with the release of her first studio album, SOUR, in May of this year. The album, which features brooding themes and heartbreaking lyrics, is set to become a defining breakup album for Gen-Z, as dozens of TikTok trends and social media challenges have already been created in the album's honor. Olivia is no stranger to the spotlight, as her brekaout single "drivers license" spent eight weeks at the top of the Billboard Top 100. Now, with the release of SOUR, Olivia is telling even more stories of young love gone awry. 

"Every song is so personal and close to my heart. Getting to share them with people is the most special thing I’ve ever done in my life," Olivia said in her album announcement on Instagram. "I hope you guys enjoy the 34 minutes and 46 seconds of me spilling my guts out that is called sour. thank you for helping me turn all my unhappy feelings into one of the best moments of my life"

It's no secret that SOUR is filled with artful lyrics and melodies, so we've rounded up the 15 lyrics that would make the perfect Instagram captions for nearly any situation.

For when you're showing off your new boo on IG:

"Got a pretty face, a pretty boyfriend too." ("Jealosuy, Jealousy")

When you're posting a 'fit check with your squad:

"It's bittersweet to think about the damage that we'd do." ("Favorite Crime")

When, TBH, you just want to throw shade at your ex:

“I crossed my heart as you crossed the line." ("Favorite Crime")

For that first post-breakup selfie:

"I hope you're happy, but don't be happier." ("Happier")

When you've been on a wellness grind and *need* the world to know:

"Now I don't want your sympathy—I just want myself back." ("Enough for you")


For when your plans don't go *quite* as expected:

“It’s brutal out here.” ("Brutal")

For when you're posting a vacation photo dump: 

"Cool vintage clothes and vacation photos." ("Jealousy, Jealousy")

When you post a mysterious selfie hoping your crush will see it:

"I wish that you had thought this through before I went and fell in love with you." ("Traitor")

When bae is pretending to be mad that you're making them take so many pics:

"I'm the love of your life until I make you mad." ("1 step forward, 3 steps back")

When you're just *so* over high school:

“They say these are the golden years. But I wish I could disappear.” ("Brutal")


When your BFF took *perf* candids of you frolicking in a field:

"It's always one step forward and three steps back." ("1 step forward, 3 steps back")

When your little sister stole your new top for family photos:

“I crossed my heart as you crossed the line.” ("Favorite Crime")

For, shocker, when you got *finally* your drivers license:

"I got my drivers license last week." ("Drivers License")

When you graduated and need *everyone* to know you've moved on:

“Nothing’s forever, nothing’s as good as it seems.” ("Hope ur ok")

For when you're in your feels about *another* dog TikTok:

"Maybe I'm too emotional." ("Good 4 U")

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by Claire Hutto | 6/10/2021