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iWanna binge-watch Paramount+'s new iCarly reboot

Wake up the members of the nation: A certain Seattle vlogger is back—and ready for the 2021 influencer age.

Whether you grew up eating spaghetti tacos and watching the OG crew start their own web series empire or you marathoned the Nickelodeon series on Netflix this year—there's no way not to love every random dance, robot sculpture and elevator ostrich moment.

And Paramount+ is hopping on the reboot train, and on June 17, they're trading blogs for social media platforms and bulky camcorders for pearPhones.

After nine years, Carly (our fave OG-influencer), Freddie and Spencer are back, learning how to navigate careers, fame and friendship in the new digital age.

(Wondering where Jeannette McCurdy is? Unfortunately, the actor, who played Sam on the original show, has publically announced in her podcast that she won't be joining the reboot—citing desires to explore writing and directing new projects.)

The cast is joined by two new members. Laci Mosely is Harper, Carly's roommate and BFF, and Jaidyn Triplett is Millicent, Freddie's stepdaughter (that's right! Talk about a bombshell!). So Carly and Freddie aren't endgame? We suppose only time will tell.

And that's not all—this trailer is *loaded* with special appearances that guarantee these 13 episodes are going to be full of the nostalgia we love. (I spy with my little eye...Nevel Papperman?!)

So the game plan—while we count down to June 17—is to live life and breathe air, somehow we're gonna get there.

Are so excited for the reboot? Which character are you most excited to catch up with? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag!

slider image: Paramount+


by Erin Sargent | 6/3/2021