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EXCLUSIVE! You might be one of the 10 million Motavators subscribed to Bethany Mota’s YouTube channel, but we bet there’s still a thing or two you *don’t* know about this 21-year-old vlogger, entrepreneur and soon-to-be author—like the fashion oops she made when she got her first pair of heels, what it felt like to turn her haters into supporters and how she overcame bullies with the help of YouTube. That—and much more—in our sit-down with this shy girl turned social media icon turned writer—don't miss her upcoming self-help memoir, Make Your Mind Up: My Guide to Finding Your Own Style, Life, and Motivation! (Gallery Books, $25), out June 13.

Spring into change
Andi Mack is a girl figuring out where she belongs. Declan McKenna is a Brit wunderkind making waves in the music world. Forever in Your Mind is a boyband leaping from doing sets to the small screen. Belle is a beauty trying to tame a beast. Abby is just one of many redefining pretty. What do they all have in common? They’re all embracing change this season—and they all made it onto our spring Must List.

Eeeek! On page 10 of this issue, keep your eyes peeled for the special spot about upcoming flick Saban's Power Rangers. Ignore that line about Lord Zedd—the rangers are *actually* facing off against an otherworldly alien threatening to take out the planet. OMG!

Time to set sail
As if you weren’t already dreaming of a seaside vacay, this season’s breezy blues and nautical stripes will have you saying, “Anchors aweigh!” faster than you can even chart a destination.

Work it
When it comes to cute clothes, we’re all about comfort. Slip into our new faves: fiercely feminine takes on the trend we can’t quit—athleisure—and then hit the gym (or, um, the couch...).

All denim everything
We all heart our blues: jackets, jeans, shorts, skirts, tops—the list could go on. That’s why we’re v. into the trend Sel and Sab have been rocking recently: denim *everything* in coordinating shades. 

Frame of mind
Grammy Award winner, The Voice judge and style icon Gwen Stefani has been schooling us on all things fashion for over three decades (seriously!). Now, this trendsetter is setting her sights on a brand new realm: eyewear.

Selfie portrait
Paint with all the colors of your closet this spring. Our fresh fashion editorial shows you how to play up tried-and-true boho basics with woke watercolors, modern tie-dye, fierce florals and touches of metallics for a look that's a true work of art. 

*Wear* the rainbow
Nix natural neutrals and go all out with pops of primaries and bold neons for something eye-catching and unexpected, but never overdone.

May I have this dance?
The spring dance is daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. Make a statement with our makeup matchup quiz (hmm, glitz and glitter or smokeshow eyes?), nab secrets from a celeb manicurist (buh-bye, smudges!) and smell fab *all* night with our deodorant guide (you’ll thank us later, trust).

"Those clear, glowy faces haunted me during my frequent trips to the drugstore."
You probably don’t think that the words "serenity" and "skincare" belong in the same sentence. Beauty junkie Sam Wilson didn’t think so, either—until she stopped searching for the answer to her breakouts, dry spots and oily patches and made peace with her pores.

In bloom
What's the perfect canvas for spring’s chicest beauty and hair trends? The star of Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, Kira Kosarin. We teamed up with the mavericks at Mane Addicts to showcase everything from bubble “braids” to two-toned lips on the 19-year-old glamazon.

Cracking the crush code
News flash: Dudes don’t have to be a mystery! We got real cuties to dish on all the could-be confusing moves guys make—and what you should do about them.

Fries before guys?
Rule number one of dating: There are no rules. So forget about what your sister, BGF, grandma and mom say and create your *own* modern love rulebook based on these debunked dating myths.

Are we out of the woods?
Considering a second shot with your ex? That’s a totally OK thing to do, babe, but get the dish on how to reunite the *right* way before diving back into the deep end.

Alternative facts
Lies we’ve all told: “My dog ate my homework,” “I didn’t do it” and “Sorry! I didn’t see your text until now.” While these fibs are harmless, there’s more to understanding why we lie, how to stop and how this era of fake news is wrapped up in it all.

QUIZ! Are you a control freak?
Downright diva or too-chill chick? Take the quiz to find out how you measure up on the "pushy vs. pushover" meter. 

Bottom of the bottle
One GL girl gets real about managing the mounting pressure of having an alcoholic mom while in middle school—and dealing with disappointment.

Make that money
There's nothing more rewarding than working hard for the cash you earn. One of the best ways to do that? Babysitting. Lucky for you, we’ve got the ultimate guide—complete with business basics, tot-taming techniques and more. 

Weighty issues
Did you know that 1 in 4 teens contract an STD every year? And that nearly 33 percent of girls admit to weighing themselves regularly? It’s why we’re getting serious about serious health issues—and what you can do to avoid the risks.

Float like a butterfly…
…sting like Gigi. Boxing might seem daunting, but let Miss Teen USA trainer and boxer babe Dasha Libin Anderson give you the rundown on this empowering full-body workout that everyone from Gigi Hadid to Shay Mitchell can’t get enough of.

Get glam
As *if* we thought actress Bailee Madison couldn’t get any more stylish, she went and turned her once-boring garage into a glammed-up girl cave with the help of Wayfair. So uh, B, when are you inviting us over??

Spring style swap
Wardrobe woes, be gone. The cure for style sadness actually lies in your bestie’s closet—who knew?! Invite your best babes—and their trendiest wears—to a style swap party complete with star-studded treats, a cute catwalk and enough clothes to completely reinvent yourself.

Spring clean your life (because your closet isn't the only thing with dust bunnies), the sweet way you should spend summer based on your star sign, Game Shakers' Madisyn Shipman on her *literal* head over heels moment and the secret to nixing your nail-biting habit courtesy of Dear Carol.

The free stuff you *know* you want!

Spectacular spring reads
What do we want? Warm weather! When do we want it? Like, yesterday. As a celebration of the upcoming bright blooms and pretty pastels that are on their way, we're giving away a big stack of our fave spring reads. Click HERE to enter to win the whole bundle!

Fresh spring picks
You're about to have your most stylish spring *ever*. To win fierce and fab spring clothes and beauty musts, go HERE!

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