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Exclusive: TGATDC spills new EP secrets

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, from Disney Channel's, Liv and Maddie, *and* of the fab band The Girl and the Dreamcatcher are having quite a busy and exciting year. The couple recently got engaged (congrats!), have been busy acting together and now they're releasing their very first EP, Negatives.

The duo told GL that the EP goes through the darker and more emotional side of their relationship or the "negatives," hence the name. Funnily enough, their relationship is what The Girl and the Dreamcatcher is based on. Two years ago over dinner in New York City, the couple realized they were spending too much time apart and wanted to work a way into each other's lives.

"At first as a joke, we started brainstorming like how we could force the stars to align in our favor and have our work bring us together more than push us apart. The idea of starting a musical group came on the table and we just couldn't leave it," Ryan spilled.

After releasing some amazing tunes over the past year, such as "Someone You Like" and "Written in the Stars," the pair are *finally* giving fans a full set of songs. We chatted with the band about their lives on set and in the recording studio, what each song means to them and how making music has brought them even closer. Read on for all the aww-worthy deets!

GL: Tell us about your EP—what can fans expect from it?

Ryan McCartan: The music that we’ve made really reflects who we are and what we want to talk about. It’s no secret that we’re in a relationship and so our relationship and the things that we’ve gone through as a couple—good or bad—we’ve tried to make shine through in our music.

GL: How did the name for your EP come about?

Dove Cameron: When we came up with the name, Negatives, it was a thing that was an evocative imagery-based word. It's the idea of camera negatives, too. How when you put camera negatives in a room to develop it takes the dark and the light to make the picture happen, and the idea that life takes both positives and negatives or darks and lights to see the whole picture.

GL: What's your favorite track on the EP?

Dove: I think mine is called “Gladiator.” When we wrote it we thought it was just the best thing ever and then it went through so many recreations and changes and we had to work really hard on it to get it to where it is.

Ryan: I would maybe say that "Monster" is my favorite just because I think it’s so complicated. But, I like them all. I really like them all. 

GL: Your video for "Make You Stay" has over 4 million views. How does it feel to have so much support from the fans?

Ryan: The fans really showed us support and bring our videos up to these amazing numbers that we did not expect at all. It’s just an intense, intense blessing for us.

GL: Tell us about the concept for the video.

Dove: We wanted to do something a bit more deconstructed and more relatable. I was obsessed with the intro to The Devil Wears Prada when I was younger. It had just really beautiful shots, like natural light, and I like the way it tells a story in little pieces. [Our friend and director] Colton really wanted to do a split screen video so we have that and we tried forever to come up with the simplest plot line concept.

GL: How does making music together compare to acting together? Does all the time together affect your relationship?

Ryan: Teamwork is teamwork. On the acting side, on the music side, on the grocery shopping side—we need to be able to get along. We need to be able to make sure that both of us are heard by the other. We need to make sure that our feelings are being taken care of. With acting, the pressure isn’t really on us as much because ultimately we have to deliver the performance, but it’s somebody else’s words and someone else’s directing. With our music it’s our ideas. These are our words that we’ve written, these are our songs, these are our stories.

Dove: Music is very intense, especially when you write it yourself and you’re doing it with the person you love, so I don’t favor doing music. But I think I favor doing music with him. 

Are you excited to hear The Girl and the Dreamcatcher's EP, Negatives? Let us know in the comments below!


by Hayley Burns and Morgan Ome | 7/25/2016