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4 must-watch female Olympic athletes

The opening ceremony for this year’s Summer Olympics, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, begins on August 5 and thanks to this week's Olympic trials, we already have our eye on a few of the United States' greatest female athletes. At this year's trials, records were broken and greatness was achieved by many athletes, but there were four women that stood apart from the rest.  

Vashti Cunningham 

Our favorite new high jumper is Vashti Cunningham, an 18 year old from Las Vegas, who has just become the youngest track and field Olympian in 36 years. At 6’1, she’s a fierce competitor this year for the gold. Cunningham came in second at the Olympic trials with an incredible jump of 6-5 ½ feet. With her coach - who is also her dad - by her side, Cunningham commented, “I want to win everything I do. I’ll be thankful if I go and don’t win, but there’s always that fire in me that needs to win and wants to win”. 

Hear her dad’s comments on her performance: 

Brittney Reese

“My blood gets running, and I just know. I get pumped up a lot. And I know that it is coming.” Those are the words of Brittney Reese who dominated in the long jump Olympic trials this weekend, breaking the women’s Olympic trial record with a 23 feet, 11 ¾ inch landing. Reese is no stranger to the Olympic games, though, as this is her third time making the team. In 2012, Reese brought home the gold for the U.S. while in London, and hopes to do so again this year in Rio

Hear her thoughts after she found out she broke the record: 

Allyson Felix

Felix is a three time Olympic gold medalist and is on her way to receiving many more this year at the 2016 Olympics. This past weekend, despite her recent ankle injury, Felix set the world record for the women’s 400 meter dash – sprinting ahead of all the other in the last straight-away. 

Watch the insane last sprint here: 

Katie Ledecky

There are two swimmer's names you should know going into this year's games: Michael Phelps and, now, Katie Ledecky. This 19 year old from the District of Columbia just recorded the third fastest 800 meter freestyle in history at the Olympic trials. Ledecky works incredibly hard to be the best, and her efforts are plainly seen during her competitions. Ledecky usually ends up so far ahead of her competitors that it seems as if she’s swimming alone. 

Watch her latest, unbeliveable and record breaking swim here: 

Who are you rooting for this Olympics?

Photo credit: Vashti Cunningham

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by Sarah Fritz | 7/5/2016