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Get ready for The Amanda Show to come back


Bring in the dancing lobsters, ladies, because The Amanda Show is going to be back on your TV. In case you haven’t heard, Nickelodeon is bringing the '90s variety show back, so stop everything and set your DVR right now. According to E! Online, Amanda will be on TV starting June 10th at 10 p.m., joining Nickelodeon’s roster of throwback programs.

If you aren’t sure why you should be excited, here are a few reasons to get you pumped.

1. Judge Trudy

Like Judge Judy, but way funnier. In this sketch, Amanda herself plays a teen judge who was always in favor of the child suing the adult. It was a hilarious take on the real TV show, Judge Judy.

2. All of Amanda’s hairstyles

Every episode featured Amanda rocking some kind of crazy hairdo when she would give her opening and closing monologues. Amanda’s hair was always full of a variety of ponytails, braids, buns, clips and scrunchies, normally all at once. It wasn't even that crazy—just totally '90s.

3. Penelope Taynt

Amanda’s number one fan, Penelope, had her very own website dedicated to Amanda... and she was always trying to find and meet her. While she could never quite make it, her attempts were always hilarious. Amanda Please!

4. A Hillbilly Moment

Watching Amanda tell pointless knock knock jokes and hitting Drake Bell “upside the head” with random objects never got old.

5. Moody’s Point

The over-the-top teen parody (Dawson's Creek, much?) was always entertaining. With her mother lost in a hot air balloon accident and father missing a toe, Moody's life was filled with drama. Plus, Spalding was kind of a babe.

6. The Girl’s Room

Amber, Sheila, Debbie and Tammy always had something interesting going on in their bathroom hangout. We can’t wait to hear Amber boasting about her popularity or Debbie talking about her love of eggs again.

7. Totally Kyle

“From his garage.. it’s Totally Kyle!” The long-haired hippie/rocker, played by Drake Bell, had the best nonsense stories that were always too funny to hear. “One time I turned on my radio...'cause I wanted to hear some tunes...but no tunes came out of my radio...So I’m all...This is bogus! Then my best bud, Leaf, he’s all, ‘Dude it’s a toaster.’”

8. The theme song


9. Tony Pajamas

We’ve missed the hilarious mobster who would throw creme-filled donuts at his enemies and laugh with his sidekick played by Josh Peck.

10. The Dancing Lobsters

This list would not be complete without Amanda’s signature dancing lobsters. Who didn't love them?

What are you most excited to see on The Amanda Show this weekend?

Photo credit: Nickelodeon/E!


by Emmrick McCadden | 6/6/2016