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Six songs for that school crush

It’s almost back to school—and back to that crush you can’t help but swoon over. Whether he’s the new boy in town or the cutie you’ve been eying since the second grade, your iPod will have the perfect soundtrack for when daydreaming about those stunners on your bus ride to school after loading up these tunes.

“Teardrops on My Guitar” - Taylor Swift

Tay’s an expert on all things love, so this track is perfect for when crushing on someone who is in love with someone else.

“Girlfriend” - Avril Lavigne
So you’ve been crushing on this guy FOREVER and you’re ready to do whatever it takes to make him yours. Pull out this girl-power, guy-grabbing anthem as you go for it.

“Naturally” - Selena Gomez & The Scene
Having a crush on someone is such a fun feeling. It’s just easy…and comes so naturally. Selena tells you she knows exactly how you feel with this song. Wonder if she’s thinking about her cute BF.

“That Should Be Me” - Justin Bieber
Speaking of JB, he may be the dream boy of thousands of teenage girls everywhere, but even Justin Bieber isn’t always lucky in love. Be sure to take a listen to the version he did with Rascal Flatts to mix things up.

“Dirty Little Secret” - All American Rejects
Sometimes the toughest part of crushing is keeping it a secret. When you feel like you need to blab about that guy to anyone who will listen, use this rockin’ track to keep it a “little secret.”

“Crush” - David Archuletta
A playlist devoted to all our crushes wouldn’t be complete without sweetie David Archuletta’s jam. The title speaks for itself. ’Nuff said.

Which song best fits the story of your crush? Blog about it, babes!

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by Catie Curry | 2/1/2016