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This girls basketball team won an all-boys championship...but didn't get to take home a trophy

A recreation center in Alabama has sparked outrage after denying a girls' basketball team their championship title—despite forcing them to play in a boys' rec league. The gals rose to the challenge and beat the guys in the final matchup, but the trophy was ultimately given to the losing team.

Earlier in the season, the recreation center in Hoover, Ala., informed the fifth-grade girls' team that they were not allowed to practice in the Hoover gyms unless they paid to play in the league.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral, Jayme Mashayekh, the mother of one of the girls on the team, said, "These 5th grade girls played their hearts out, left it all on the floor and battled their male counterparts only to be told, 'No, I'm sorry you don't count.'"

As for what's going to be done about this treatment? The City of Hoover issued a statement explaining the Hoover Parks and Recreation Department's rules about "elite" teams (those outside of the rec league who ask to participate) competing in tournaments. However, they did invite both teams to a city council meeting so they could each be recognized. 

The HPRD is reviewing its policies to ensure fairness and clear understanding among all participants in its athletic leagues.

Bc while we know winning isn't everything, it's still nice (and deserved!) to be recognized for major accomplishments.

Top image: Jayme Mashayekh


by Natalie Misyak | 3/10/2023