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5 ways President Biden is addressing the climate crisis

Since taking office on January 20th with Vice President Kamala Harris by his side, President Biden has made it clear that combatting climate change is *definitely* a priority. Between creating new positions in his cabinet, appointing strong leaders and setting significant goals, President Biden and his administration have shown that they hope to make our environment cleaner, safer and healthier for everyone.

Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement

The Paris Climate Agreement is a treaty between nations all over the world which shows mutual understanding and commitment to mitigating the problems associated with climate change. First created in 2015, it aims to prevent global temperatures from rising by more than 2º C. (Note: this is *very* different than the day-to-day degree changes we notice when we step outside.) Now that the US is back in the agreement, it shows that the nation is committed to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and taking the climate crisis seriously.


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Collaborating with strong leaders

Another way President Biden is addressing climate change is by selecting top officials with environmental backgrounds to join his team. Michael Regan has been nominated to head the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and was previously involved with environmental regulation in North Carolina. While there, Regan helped pursue the cleanup of the heavily polluted Cape Fear River and made environmental justice a priority. In addition, Gina McCarthy is the Climate Domestic Advisor for President Biden's team. McCarthy was previously head of the EPA in the Obama administration, and she comes with a strong background in public health and the environment.

Creating the US's first Special Presidential Envoy for Climate position

The US now has its first Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, former Secretary of State John Kerry. Appointed by President Biden, Secretary Kerry will have a role in the National Security Council. He clearly understands the enormity of the climate crisis, and has spoken about how our climate is connected to everything from international relations to security.

Outlining climate goals and plans

Although the specific steps of his plan haven't been put into place yet, President Biden intends to set the US on track to use all-clean electricity by 2035. He also aims to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Recently, he announced that he will hold a Leaders' Climate Summit on Earth Day this year with other global leaders.


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Ending work on the Keystone XL Pipeline

The Keystone XL pipeline was meant to bring oil from Canada to the United States and connect the US with more oil reserves. When he stopped this work, President Biden said that constructing this pipeline would not be in line with his administration's climate goals. He also stressed the importance of relying on clean energy instead of oil and gas.

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by Ariane Faro | 3/2/2021