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What it's like getting the COVID-19 vaccine when you're 16

While it might seem like COVID-19 might stick around forever, the introduction of vaccines will help us all get back to normal life quicker. However, if you're under 18, getting the vaccine might seem scary, especially because most of the tests have been done on adults. Luckily, I've got the 411 on exactly what it's like to get the vaccine at only 16! I work part-time at a retirement home, so me and my other under-18 coworkers were eligible to get the vaccine during the first rollout. 

The shot itself didn't hurt (it honestly hurt less than the average flu shot I've gotten) and I didn't feel any different after I had gotten it than before. The nurses had everyone wait 15 minutes after the vaccine was administered so they could make sure we didn't have any allergic reactions, and once my time was up, I was ready to head home.

My arm started getting sore after 6 hours, and the next morning I woke up it was even worse. The doctors had warned us that that was to be expected, so I wasn't surprised. However, I was surprised that I didn't have the general fatigue that was a common side effect. My arm was sore for about a day and a half, and beyond that, I didn't have any other side effects to getting the vaccine (yay!). None of my other coworkers, who are all around my age, had any effects either. 

I was incredibly lucky to be able to get a vaccine that can protect me, my family and my friends, all at the temporary cost of a sore arm. Many people are waiting for the vaccine, and many won't get it for several months. 

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by Serena Sherwood | 2/2/2021