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Meet the first-ever TIME Magazine 2020 Kid of the Year

Gitanjali Rao for the cover of Time Magazine

Meet Gitanjali Rao, the first *ever* TIME's Kid of the Year! 

Rao is a young scientist and inventor from Colorado, and she's already making her mark on the world.

At only 15 years old, she has tackled major issues, like drinking water contamination and cyberbullying, through research and her latest innovations. Her *amazing* accomplishments and passions led her to the cover of Time Magazine!

Want to know what's even more amazing? Rao was selected from over 5,000 other kids and teens across the country!

In an interview with Angelina Jolie, Rao talked about her experiences and scientific innovations. Kindly, an app and a Chrome extension, was coded and created by Rao to detect cyberbullying on the internet. In addition, Rao is currently researching easier ways to detect biocontaminants in water for people in third-world countries. 

Rao is a brilliant scientist and a girl with a heart of gold. In addition to her signature process—observe, brainstorm, research, build, and communciate—Rao's main goal is to inspire

Her mission is to create and lead a community of global young innovators (like you!) to solve the biggest problems and change the world. 

As Rao said: "If I can do it, you can do it, and anyone can do it."

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by Allie Lijewski | 12/10/2020