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5 things you can do to keep yourself (and others) safe during the COVID-19 winter surge

While we all wish that things could go back to normal as soon as possible, we still need to be careful and stay safe during this wave of Covid-19 cases. We've got the easiest ways to make sure that the only thing you're getting this winter is everything on your wishlist.


Tighten your social bubble

Sadly, the reality of the situation is that people are getting looser with restrictions. To combat this, make sure to be extra cautious with socializing. Your next door neighbor is always fun to hang out with...but her Instagram is filled with shots of her cozying up close with people *without* masks. When she goes in for a hug, tell her you’re more comfortable hanging out from a distance. 

Monitor your health carefully

It’s not unusual to get a sniffly nose or a sore throat during the winter (hello homemade soup, hot tea and day off of school!) but now you want to be *extra* sure it’s just a normal cold and not Covid-19. If you *do* show any suspicious symptoms, let your parents and doctor know. Better to be safe than sorry.

Disinfect surfaces 

Though it isn’t the main way the virus spreads, it’s still possible to get sick by touching an infected surface or object then touching your mouth or nose. Clean surfaces you touch often, such as doorknobs, steering wheels, and handles, and make a special point to wipe your phone (and phone case!) with sanitizer once a day or after you go out. 

Get take-out instead of eating in

We *all* miss the days where we could spend hours after school sipping lattes and sharing burrito bowls, but that's not the safest thing to do right now. Get your snack with DoorDash, or hit up the drive-through instead of eating inside. Going along with that, it's hard to eat and keep a mask on (obvi), so if you still want to hang out with your besties while eating, find a spot where you can sit six feet apart.

Keep wearing masks

While this might seem like a obvious thing, it's honestly the most important. Masks are *super* effective to in keeping you safe, and keeping others safe from you. Even if you might have no symptoms, you might still be a carrier. There's so many cute and comfortable mask options available, so you're bound to find one that looks cute *and* matches your outfit. 


by Elina Graham and Serena Sherwood | 11/30/2020