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Childhood Obesity Levels Out

It seems like we're always hearin' stuff about obesity in the U.S., right? Well, that may be about to change. According to The New York Times, the once-growing rate of childhood obesity rates may have come to a standstill. Great news, right? Almost. Researchers are tryin' to figure out if the rates really plateaued or if this is a lull in an upward climb.

Schools have been taking major steps to help their students get healthy. In Somerville, MA, they doubled the amount of fruit served in school lunches, painted crosswalks to encourage students to walk to school and increased exercise in after school activities. In Arkansas, officials eliminated vending machines in elementary schools, added a half hour of  physical activity (daily!) and sent home annual health reports.

Has your school made any healthful positive changes? Have you done anything to encourage your school to get on a healthy track?

-Jaime Sunday

by GL | 2/1/2016