Our favorite moments from the "Lavender Haze" music video

Surprise! Last Thursday, Taylor Swift came out with the third (!!!) music video from the Midnights album. The footage transported us into a cloudy, magical, purple, 1970's dream world, so now we're here to share our top five fave moments from "Lavender Haze."

The lavender bubble bath 

Did someone say aesthetic self-care? It's an understatement to say we're *obsessed* with Taylor's vibrant bath (which even includes actual pieces of lavender). Although her tub seems to be swimming-pool sized, we're def going to try and recreate it for ourselves

The 70's vibes

The '70s are back and bigger than ever! With Midnights radiating such vintage vibes, we're not surprised Tay decided to totally play them up in what she described on Instagram as a "sultry sleepless 70's fever dream". From the floral mustard couch to an old fashion television and film camera, she fully delivers on her promise. 

The outfits 

It's official: We need to steal T.S.'s entire wardrobe. Her fits in "Lavender Haze" are perhaps the most immaculate we've seen yet; from her comfy oversized tee to sleek corduroy pants + cream and rust-colored crochet top, the looks are so cohesive to the video's mood. Our personal fave? Her chic, sage green slip dress with floral lace with an ultra fluffy lavender coat on top (major Penny Lane in Almost Famous vibes). 

The love interest

It wouldn't be a Taylor Swift music video if she didn't have a charming love interest! The "Lavender Haze" leading man is played by trans model Laith Ashley, who brought all the romance to this vid (and the dance moves!). Now we're just waiting for Taylor's own BF Joe to (double-crossing our fingers) make an appearance in a video one of these days. 

The dreamy ending

Per usual, Tay ended her video in an insane and mysterious way—this time pushing down the walls of her room to reveal a sky filled with floating fish. As Taylor sinks into a fluffy lavender cloud and disappears, our mouths were left agape. The world of Midnights seems less like real life and more like one out of a dreamy fantasy novel (one ticket to wherever that is, thanks)! 

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Slider & top image: @taylorswift


by Madeline Morrow | 1/29/2023