EXCLUSIVE! Bella Cianni Llerena is bringing *all* the sunny vibes to XOMG POP!

We truly can't imagine XOMG POP! without the bright vibes of Bella Cianni Llerena—and, thankfully, we don't have to. In our exclusive interview, the bubbly, fashion-forward singer and dancer, 13, took us behind the scenes of living her dream...

On how she got her start:

Bella: "I started as a cheerleader but my family thought dance would be perfect for me. I fell in love with it. And then I started singing and that became a passion as well. At my audition for XOMG POP!, I wasn't the best singer—but now I'm *way* better. I learned to never give up and always believe in myself." 

On how it felt to make it into the girl group: 

Bella: "I was like 'Ahhh! My dreams finally came true!' I put in so much work and I was just so happy and grateful." 

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On XOMG POP!'s newest song: 

Bella: "My fave '1234EVER' lyric is 'Met my best friends and we're living our dream every single day' because it's true. I've really met my BFFs and we're sharing this journey together. Behind the scenes of the music video, it was so fun riding the rides and trying to fit all together into a tiny photo booth to take pics. We were all cramped up but it made for a perfecto moment." 

On her fave memory so far: 

Bella: "Probably touring with JoJo [Siwa]. That was so unbelievable, so cool and I'm just so grateful. I'd never performed in front of that many people before—the only stage I'd been on was a dance competition stage." 

On how she'd describe herself:

Bella: "Kind and sweet but also fierce and sassy." 

On her dreams for the future:

Bella: "For people to know my name and to keep on going with my passion. And to keep performing with XOMG POP!" 

Fave song to sing: "Boomerang" by JoJo Siwa or "Havana" by Camila Cabello
Inspirational quote: "Look on the bright side. There's always going to be a rainbow at the end of that path."
On her streaming queue: Stranger ThingsThe Greatest Showman and HSMTMTS
Best weekend activity: Bike riding and shopping
Go-to fashion vibe: Leopard print, Jordans and standout accessories

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by Katherine Hammer | 11/17/2022