EXCLUSIVE! Ava Kolker spills on her newest single "All To Myself"

Ava Kolker has come a long way since growing up on Disney Channel (catch her when you stream Girl Meets World and Sydney to the Max)—and the actress, singer and social media star is ~srsly~ ready to step into the music spotlight. Her latest single "All To Myself" (released Nov. 4) is the kind of low-key bop you'll want to play as you get ready in the morning or blast through your AirPods on the bus...and, on a meta level, it gets deep about her love of music.

In this exclusive Q&A, read on for *all* the behind-the-scenes secrets of this fun single plus hear about what's next for this star on the rise... 

Girls' Life: Take us behind the scenes of what inspired this new track.

Ava Kolker: I've been working on "All To Myself" for a long time. It represents my love of music and how people can use music as an escape from reality or to bring them back to a nostalgic time or place. 

GL: And what's the music you can't stop listening to rn?

Ava: Recently I'm listening to a lot of R&B, a lot of Chloe x Halle. And Lady Gaga is my inspiration in every area of life. I just love her so much, how she represents confidence and power. A lot of my songs have that same message, of loving yourself and knowing your self-worth.

GL: What makes that message resonate with you so much?

Ava: I think everyone gets self-conscious, especially being an influencer and being more in the public eye. Growing up on TV and also on social media where everyone can see my every move, it can definitely be scary. You look at every detail of yourself, like, OMG my eyes are a weird shape or OMG, why am I doing that? You really analyze everything, every picture. As I get older I'm learning not to overthink it and to do my best to put my mental health and my happiness first.

GL: And when it comes to putting yourself first, what's your go-to self-care day?

Ava: First I *have* to clean my room and my bathroom—to unwind and relax properly, I need a clean space. Then, definitely candles. I have, like, 15 to 20 candles in my room so I'll light them all. I do face masks, hair masks and listen to music like Harry Styles and Billie Eilish. Then I just get in bed with my dog and watch TV.

GL: Another great way to self-care is prioritizing your friendships. Tell us about your bond with your sister (and fellow social star) Lexy.

Ava: She's my best friend. We talk about everything and work through everything together. What I love about our relationship is that we can just shut off our phones, go out to dinner or to the mall and just be teenagers. Everybody needs that sometimes.

GL: What's something about you that only your close crew knows?

Ava: Maybe that I'm currently training for my black belt in martial arts. I'd love to do a movie or show where I'd be able to do my own stunts, maybe something for Marvel or DC.

GL: That'd be awesome. Any other big goals for your future?

Ava: To continue acting, of course. I absolutely loved doing Disney and it'd be cool to be on a more dramatic series, but acting is such a rollercoaster that any opportunity is a great opportunity. I'd also love to release an EP soon. And I'm really excited to travel! 

Stream "All To Myself" now HERE

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by Katherine Hammer | 11/8/2022