Katy! Gaga! BTS! Justin! All the new music videos you need to watch now

Is it just us, or is March officially the month of fresh bangers from all of our favorites? The last few days alone have been *packed* with new releases, and we rounded them up here for you in one place so you can enjoy them back-to-back. Check 'em out!

Katy Perry's "Never Worn White"

Oh, Katy totally got us! Katy's song about falling in *true* love for the first time was already goosebumps-inducing, but then she went ahead and showed off a different kind of bump at the end of the video. Yep, Katy's pregnant IRL! Watch until the end for the big reveal.

Lady Gaga's "Stupid Love"

The queen of the Little Monsters has done it again. Lady Gaga's latest single, "Stupid Love," is the fun, upbeat pop anthem we've all been needing. This bop is bound to lift your spirits and get you ready for spring.

BTS's "Black Swan"

Leave it to BTS to perfectly combine the slickest dance moves and the heaviest emotion in one video. "Black Swan" is simply touching and beautiful.

Justin Bieber's "Intentions"

If Justin's *intention* was to make his most colorful video yet, he definitely delivers in "Intentions." The vibrant palette screams spring, adding extra happy vibes to an already sweet song.  

Which video do you have on repeat? Let us know in the comments!

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by Taylor Dove and Jacqueline F. | 3/5/2020