Billie Eilish's new song "No Time to Die" is the Bond song we never knew we needed

Billie Eilish, singing superstar and resident Bad Guy, has released her latest song "No Time to Die" and we are *obsessed*.

NTTD is the title track for the newest James Bond movie, James Bond 007: No Time to Die. Eilish is the youngest artist to ever perform a title track for the franchise, and she even wrote the song herself. Talk about talent!

For Billie, it's all a dream come true. "You know what’s funny about it? Like, two years ago, we were like, ‘Wouldn’t it be crazy to make a song for the Bond movies, and, like, wouldn’t that be dope?’" she said in an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe (via Rolling Stone). “And so, kind of for two years-ish, we’ve been subconsciously trying to … in our own way. And, like, we’ve written songs that have never come out that are like, ‘Oh, this sounds like Bond, like, this would be dope, like, it would never happen, whatever.’ And then this offer came up and we were like, ‘Ahhh!’"

When Eilish was first announced as the singer for the track, Twitter was less than kind. However, after listening to the song, many changed their tune.

We love a confident queen who doesn't let the haters stop her! At only 18 years old, Billie's won five Grammys, had an album go platinum and has now become the youngest singer to ever perform a Bond song.


James Bond 007: No Time to Die will be in theaters on April 10. Are you excited for Billie? Let us know in the comments!


by Taylor Dove | 2/23/2020