Dove Cameron’s braless selfie sparks a *real* conversation

Do you have that one guy friend who sometimes posts shirtless selfies? Has anyone ever called him "indecent" for it? Yep, we figured the answer was no. That's why so many girls were upset yesterday when Descendants 3 star Dove Cameron, *fully clothed,* posted a pic where it looks like she's not wearing a bra.

Dove explained in the caption that she believes that women have been "systematically suppressed" for generations, and that it has had a "profound effect on the self-esteem of girls." 

The reaction was largely positive—many called Dove an inspiration—but, of course, the haters had to hate. Some commenters accused Dove of being a bad role model, and we think user bella.vasilecozzo said it best when she wrote, "Idk why everyone’s freaking out and saying that she’s a 'bad role model.' Sure this picture is indecent, which is exactly why she’s posting it. It shouldn’t be indecent! Why as women do we need to hide everything, while men walk around half naked all the time?"

Dove must have been watching the comments because she jumped in on the conversation when one commenter didn't understand why the pic was a big deal, writing, "I agree with you in the sense that it is not that deep or groundbreaking whatsoever. But it’s only a big deal because this society is so beyond backwards that they have demonized basic anatomy and are very ! up ! in arms ! about female bodily freedom.”

One major supporter of Dove's? Amy Reinhart, mom of Lili! "So Dove showed that she had nipples today," she wrote on her own Insta. "Did people think she didn’t have any? The only thing that bothers me about this post is the women that are leaving comments about how horrible this picture is. Mass shootings are horrible. These are just boobs."

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by Jacqueline F. | 8/14/2019
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