Rising pop star Austn spills on Lily Chee and his journey to stardom

Fun Fact: Austn was never supposed to be a singer.

“When I was little, the tubes in my ears wouldn’t open up and I couldn’t hear well,” the 16-year-old reveals. “I got surgery to fix them when I was 4—and my love for music blossomed right after that.”

And thank goodness it did. Today, the social media influencer drops his debut EP, Chapter 1: In Betweenin'. The EP is a catchy and sweet must-listen for summer. It's impossible not to hear his love of Julia Michaels and Justin Bieber in these songs. Honestly, this boy is bound for greatness.

“Working on Chapter 1: In Betweenin’ was honestly an amazing experience, because recording the tracks were some of the first times I was ever in the studio,” says AUSTN. “It’s the best feeling ever to finally be releasing this project…it’s like dropping my kid off at school, ha!”

Here, Austn spills all the tea exclusively to GL on new gal pals and the secret notes behind his songs.

On Female Friendships
“I have a ton of guy friends back home, but since I’ve been in Los Angeles, I feel like I have been able to connect more with girls, like Annie LeBlanc and Lily Chee. When it comes to friends, it’s more about who a person is.”

On Studio Sessions
“My Notes and Voice Memos apps are filled with random things, like lines of lyrics or a little melody. When it came time to record songs for my EP, I’d bring those ideas to the studio so we could play around with them.”

On Being Sporty
“I played soccer for six years when I was younger, and I actually wanted to go pro. Nowadays, I spend a lot of my downtime surfing, swimming and skateboarding. I love skiing and mountain biking, too.”

On Hitting the Road
“People are always shocked when I tell them I’d never been to New York City until earlier this year—or the East Coast at all. I’m excited about touring so I can share my new music with my fans and experience new places!”


Photoshoot day!

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Chapter 1: In Betweenin’ Track Listing:
“In Betweenin’”
“Backup Plan”
“Dream Girl”
“Wait For You”
“Stupid Boy”

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Photo credit: Bubba Sellars


by Sydney Adamson | 5/17/2019